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A challenging career in RF circuit and system design industry


Research Interests

q       CMOS/BICMOS RF IC Design

q       RF Integrated Passive Circuit Design

q       Electronic Packaging and Interconnects


Work Experience

TriQuint Semiconductor - Sawtek, Inc.(Apopka, FL): 2002- 2003                        RF Designer

q       Designed integrated passive circuits for RF front-end modules.

§         Designed tri-band (GSM/DCS/PCS) and quad-band (CELL/GSM/DCS/PCS) low-pass filters (LPF).

§         Designed dual-band (CELL/PCS) and quad-band (CELL/GSM/DCS/PCS) diplexers.

§         Designed 50W/200W balun (DCS).

§         Investigated the high-Q on-chip spiral inductor design and optimization.

§         Built up the inductor library.

q       Investigated modeling techniques to reduce the design cycle.

§         Improved post-layout EM simulation accuracy.

§         Modeled the module board.


Agere Systems, Inc. (Orlando, FL): 2001- 2002                                                   RF Designer

q       Designed 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz RF components for wireless applications with low power and low noise considerations.

§         Designed low noise amplifier (LNA) for 2.4GHz Bluetooth wireless communication system using 0.25 mm CMOS technology.

§         Designed voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) for 5GHz wireless LAN (WLAN) communication system using 0.16mm CMOS technology.

§         Designed phase-locked loop (PLL) based frequency synthesizer for 5GHz Wireless LAN (WLAN) communication system using 0.16mm CMOS technology.


Uni­versity of Central Florida (Orlando, FL): 1999- 2001                                     Research Assistant

q       Investigated the electronic packaging on the EMC Performance of SAW Devices.

§         Extracted the low frequency lumped element models for the packages.

§         Studied the bond wire effect and port definition in EM simulation.

§         Established an effective method to simulate the package with the SAW filter.

q       Studied the synchronization and synchronization recovery for chaotic ICs.


Zhejiang University of Technology (Hangzhou, China): 1996-1999                     Faculty Member

q       Constructed the multivariable constrained controller for the key project (Research and Development of the Commercial Industrial Online Control and Optimization) in the Ninth National Five-year Developing Plan.

q       Developed an expert system to determine the status of a revolving cement kiln and then to direct its operation.


Other Skills

Proficiency in using design tools: ADS, Cadence, HFSS and IE3D.



Ph.D.,         University of Central Florida, Expected 2003

Major:         Electrical Engineering (GPA 4.0/4.0)


M.S.,          University of Central Florida, 2001

Major:         Electrical Engineering (GPA 4.0/4.0)


M.S.,          Northwestern Polytechnical University, China, 1996

Major:         Electrical Engineering


B.S.,           Northwestern Polytechnical University, China, 1994

Major:         Electrical Engineering


Awards and Honors

q       SCI 2003 Best Paper Award, 2003

q       IEEE Outstanding Graduate Student Award, 2001

q       Enhancement Fellowship, 2000

q       Provost Fellowship, 1999

q       Scientific and Technological Advance Award, 1997

q       505 Fellowship, 1994

q       Outstanding Student Prize, 1994

q       First-class Scholarship, 1991, 1992, 1993



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