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Vista University and the University of Central Florida Consortium Partnership

Who We Are:
    • Vista University, Pretoria,
       South Africa,
    • University of Central Florida,
       Orlando, Florida, USA,
    • Bethune-Cookman College,
       Daytona Beach, Florida, US
    • Daytona Beach Community College,
       Daytona Beach, FL, USA,

What We Are About:

      For the past three years, Vista University and the University of Central Florida Consortium have partnered their energies and talents under the auspices of a $197,000 grant from USAID. During this time we have developed a mutually interactive program designed to:
   1) Create a technologically based distance education program by enhancing Vista University’s Distance Education Campus Student Support Centres;
   2) Enrich the content, pedagogy and capacity of Vista University’s HIV/AIDS Health Promotion Program

Selected Accomplishments:
     • Established Video Conferencing System at Vista University
    • Provided Critical Capacity Building Workshop on HIV/AIDS in South Africa
    • Involved Community-Based NGOs in HIV/AIDS Health Promotion Programs
    • Delivered Numerous Workshops on Distance and Web-Based Instruction
    • Provided Computers and Developed Network at 28 of Vista University’s Remote Learner Support Centres Throughout South Africa
    • Developed & Distributed HIV/AIDS Course Materials for Vista’s Students

Our Goals:
    • Create and Extend Technology-Based Distance Learning Models in South Africa
    • Enhance the Capacity of South Africa’s Learner Support Centres
    • Enrich the Capacity of HIV/AIDS Health Promotion Programs in South Africa
    • Improve Curriculum Development and Evaluation of Web-Based Instruction in South Africa
    • Shared Web-Based Instruction Between U.S. and South African Universities
    • Shared Research on Web-Based HIV/AIDS Health Promotion Programs

How to Contact Us:
    • Vista University: Ms. Charlotte Motha, , 27-12-337-6105
    • University of Central Florida: Dr. Karen Biraimah,, (407) 823-2428
    • Bethune-Cookman College: Ms. Margaret Massey,, (386) 481-2020
    • Daytona Beach Community College: Dr. Don Mathews, , (386) 255-8131 ext 3675

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