Electronic Spanish Language and Technical References Guide

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All references contained in this page are reference aids which can be used to define Spanish terms, words, and concepts as well as finding English and/or Spanish equivalents of technical terms. These sources are provided as a service to students working on a variety of projects but does not represent, nor is it intended to replace, other hardcopy or electronic sources which students may choose to consult. In all instances students are to appropriately cite all electronic references utilized in projects. For information on electronic citations and usage refer to Andrew Harnack and Eugene Kleppinger's Online! A reference guide to using the internet (St. Martin's Press) and their web site http://www.smpcollege.com/online-4styles~help which can be used in combination with their guide. Additional information on research and writing please refer to Dr. Velez's site http://pegasus.cc.ucf.edu/~velez/guide.html

Please report any difficulties with the links provided below. Recommendations on new sites are always welcomed. Direct all comments to: Dr. Diana Velez

CONTENTS: Spanish Language Dictionaries Dictionaries of Legal and Medical Terms Dictionaries of Electronic and Internet Terms Grammars Other Aids See Page on Other Iberian Languages: Basque, Catalan, and Gallegan

Spanish Language Dictionaries>>> There are many electronic dictionaries available but of varying quality. For a more extensive and good listing of not just Spanish but other language aids and references go to: An Index of On-Line Dictionaries

Dictionary of Spanish/Audio Component: 54,000 entries of which 10,000 have audio pronunciations; searchable database site; bilingual: English/Spanish

General English-Spanish Dictionary: 25,000 entries; somewhat limited in terms of technical and advanced vocabulary range, but adequate for general words

Biblioteca Virtual--Diccionario de la Lengua Espanola: this is the authoritative dictionary of the Real Academia Espanola for the Spanish language; is to Spanish what the Oxford Dictionary is to English; site contains the Diccionario de Autoridades (1726-1739) and the Diccionario Usual (1992)

Gramatica y Ortografia: outstanding site with not only grammatical information but also links to a variety of dictionaries

Logos--Spanish Dictionary: claims to contain over 7 million words in several foreign languages; is a searchable database

Dictionaries of Legal, Business, Library/Archival, Academic, and Medical Terms>>>

List and Glossary of Medical Terms--Spanish: medical terms and concepts; includes an English Dictionary in same area

Diccionario Critico de Ciencias Sociales: Spanish to Spanish definitions of social science terms. Site still under construction but entries already available.

English-Spanish Language Resources for Library and Information Professionals: English-Spanish dictionaries on library and archival terms. Site especially important for researchers who utilize materials from archival collections.

Meta Dictionary of Scientific Terms: very extensive source with links to European universities and associations. This particular source comes out of Spain.

Dictionaries of Electronic and Internet Terms>>>

Comparative Cyberlexicon: English-Spanish internet and computer glossary. Contains an extensive list of links to similar sources

The Internet Dictionary Project: searchable database on internet terms in several languages including Spanish; the dictionaries are constructed by submissions from individuals througout the world, thus while interesting and helpful it may not be as authoritative as other sites

Internet Terms: a Spanish language site that provides a glossary of internet terms

Search Engine Terms: developed by I-Search Digest the site provides a glossary of internet search technology in several languages including Spanish which has been prepared by Oscar Gonzalez Alba

Netglos: a very good and extensive glossary of internet terms in various languages including Spanish; words in the definitions are also cross-referenced with other terms in the document

Telecommunication Terminology Database: developed by the International Telecommunication Union, it provides an extensive searchable database on telecommunication terms in a variety of languages including Spanish

Terminos Relativos a los Motores de Busqueda: Spanish glossary of terms used by search engines; particularly recommended for researchers and students using Spanish-language based search engines


Basic Spanish for the Virtual Student: overview of basic elements of Spanish grammar that includes verbs, nouns, idioms, expressions, etc.

Online Tutorial--Learn Spanish: much like the previous site it offers an overview and free tutorial

Gramatica y Ortografia: outstanding site with not only grammatical information but also links to a variety of dictionaries

Other Aids>>>

Spanish Language: site provides information on the history of the Spanish language and links on different aspects of the Spanish culture, as well as grammar