In addition to documents appearing on this site, the following is a list of primary source sites of historical documents for Europe, Latin America/Caribbean, and the United States. This index also contains some counrty-specific sites as well as period and theme-specific pages such as the Reformation, Enlightenment, the War of 1898, Roman Catholic Church, imperialism, constitutions, etc. While most of these have been translated into English, a number of the sites' documents appear in the original language in which they were written. This is by no means a final listing of all available sites; rather, it contains those which have been screened by this site's author for use as a research tool for students as well as faculty and others interested in such sources. If those using this resource have identified locations for historical documents which may be of interest please relay such information to Dr. Velez.

While visiting these sites please adhere to all copyright requirements concerning the use and distribution of such materials. The same applies to documents on this site.

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The Avalon Project at the Yale Law School Documents in Law, History and Diplomacy: mostly American documents of the 18th-20th centuries with some non-U.S. materials; rather extensive collection that does emphasize legal history both domestic and international.

Internet History Sourcebooks Project: an outstanding source of translated primary sources spanning the ancient, medieval, early modern, and modern periods. The site is also organized along regional and thematic lines. There are several sourcebooks in this ever expanding project. Each is organized internally along chronological-subject lines. Of particular value are the the site's links to other document centers.

Miguel de Cervantes: extraordinary site with full texts of documents and works by key Iberian and Latin American authors in the original Spanish; also includes historical texts representative of other European countries in their original languages: English, Catalan, Gallegan, French, etc. This is perhaps the only site that has such an extensive and high quality primary sources for the Hispano world. The non-Spanish sections are just as impressive.

CLIO: a French historical documents site that includes a limited number of sources on French and European history. English documents appear in the original language. The site also contains some graphic images, primarily .jepg

EuroDocs: Primary Historical Documents from Western Europe: valuable source of European sources going back to the middle ages and renaissance, as well as modern sources. The site is organized by period and also by country. Documents themselves are translated in many instances, in others the item may appear in both translation and original language, and at other times there are not translations. Of particular value are the links to other specialized sites containing historical sources such as the Catalonian Manuscripts from the Bancroft Library at the University of California, Berkeley.

The Federalist Archive: limited number of American documents dealing with the colonial period up to the founding of the republic. The site is noteworthy because it does have the Federalist Papers on line and contains links as well as graphics of interest.

The Karl Marx and Frederich Engels Internet Archive: site provides in addition to pictures, biography, and links of interest, has an impressive and quite extensive electronic collection of selected works by these two historical figures that spans the 1840s to the 1880s. Two examples of the documents available at this site are the 1848 Communist Manifesto, and the 1880 Socialism: Utopian and Scientific.

Bibliotheque Virtuelle--Centre de Pensee Economique: outstanding site with documents from various countries. Although the site comes from the Sorbonne in France, most are English translations. French documents, however, appear in the original language. Navigating the site may be a little difficult for non-French readers and so the following directions are provided for your assistance: at the left frame which has the contents of the site, click on Bibliotheque Virtuelle. A list is connected to this item. From within that list click on Catalogue. Under Catalogue documents can be retrieved by alphabetical order.

McMaster University Archive for the History of Economic Thought: a fairly robust collection of economic and political-economic essay by major historical figures from antiquity to the present which includes thinkers such as Bacon, Burke, Condorcet, Croce, Defoe, Keynes, Montesquieu, etc.

Project Wittenberg: contains information and works by Martin Luther and other Lutherans of the 16th-20th centuries. Documents are all in English and includes hymnals, catechisms, sermons, etc. The site has additional links for other Lutheran and Christian historical sites. This site is particularly relevant to history researchers working on the Reformation and Counter-Reformation period.

The Internet Classics Archives: English translations of Greco-Roman and some Chinese and Persian sources. The site claims a current holding of 441 sources by 59 authors. The period covered is antiquity and includes texts by Herodotus, Plato, Livy, Tacitus, Plutarch, to name a few.

Internet Archive of Texts and Documents: excellent site containing translations of major European as well as Chinese and Japanese documents. the European collection is extensive and is divided into 5 categories= Italian Renaissance; Exploration and Empire; The Protestant Reformation; Catholic Reformation; and Witch Hunts. Examples of documents include The Council of Trent: Canons and Decrees. The site also has links to other sites which contain information and documents in the relevant areas.These documents are of particular interest to those interested in early modern European, Italian, and Spanish history.

Electronic Text Collections: major listing of sites which contain documents, indices and resources for all periods starting with antiquity through the 20th century for Europe, United States, Middle East, East Asia, India and South Asia, the Americas (outside of the U.S.), and Africa. The collections themselves come from around the world.

International Relations Documents: materials in this site deals primarily with international relations dating from antiquity to the 20th century.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau: an excellent site, in French, of information and electronic documentation of all of Rousseau's writings. Includes extensive bibliographical information as well as related links.

WWW-VL History Index: outstanding collection of documents and information sites from around the world organized by topics, periods, as well as regions and countries. The site also includes a section on research methods and materials, including bibliographical, archival, journal, instructional materials (e.g., grants, distance learning, etc.), and scholarly exhange information. Researchers can find primary documents in this site but it will require going through the selected listings to find them.

The History of Education and Childhood: list of significant historical documents on education available at this site. Users need to click on to Contents and from the resulting list of choices select Important People to access the documents.

Christian Classics-Ethereal Library: extensive site contains links as well as documents on the early Church (antiquity to 20th century, European and United States) which includes works by Julius Africanus, Tatian, St. Augustine, St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Benedict, John Calvin, Dante Alighieri, John Donne, Desiderius Erasmus, St. Ignatius Loyola, Thomas a Kempis, Soren Kierkegaard Miguel de Molinos, John Owen, St. Theresa de Avila, and Jpohn Wesley, to name a few. Documents appearing on a page titled Early Church Fathers contain the earliest writers and these files are the only ones that can be downloaded as .pdf or .zip files.