Ratings Of Local Dealers In Orlando Area

The UCF Knight Riders Car & Truck Enthusiast Associations has
spent several months researching local dealerships for new and
used vehicles. We have rated more than 10 local dealerships based
on service, customer satisfaction, and sales practices. Some
of our reviews haven't been posted yet; we plan to review the
50 biggest dealerships in the area this year. Please check back
because this page will be updated regularly.

Each dealer is rated using five stars. If a dealer has earned
a rating of five stars, then their service and business practices
are excellent and we recommend them. If a dealer has earned the
ghastly rating of one star, they we recommend that you avoid them.

Please keep in mind, our organization is a non-profit educational
organization. We are trying to provide an impartial view on which
dealerships in the Central Florida Area can be trusted.

We haven't given any dealerships 5 stars yet, because we will review
each dealership again next year. If our 4 star dealership provide
the same level of excellent customer service and selection next year,
they will earn a 5 star rating.


Bob Dance Dodge
5152 North Hwy 17-92, Longwood
About 7 miles north of Colonial Drive

Our Rating: ****
Comments: A fine dealership. Extremely talented sales executives,
excellent selection of vehicles, and a relaxed sales policy. All those
surveyed were highly satisfied with the service at this dealership.

Courtesy Pontiac 650 North Hwy 17-92, Longwood
About 4 miles north of Colonial Drive
Our Rating: ***
Comments: Fair selection, the salespeople were polite but
vague (not real clear on financing or car's features). Just
an average dealership.

Jimmy Bryan Toyota/Mazda/Kia
3115 University Blvd, Winter Park At The Intersection Of University Blvd & Semoran (436)

Our Rating: *
Comments: Poor customer service, high pressure sales tactics,
and poorly trained salespeople. This is one of the worst dealerships
in the county. Many customers were offended in some way and felt
the staff was rude.

McInerney Ford
5700 East Colonial Drive, Orlando At The Southeast Corner Of Colonial Drive & Semoran (436)

Our Rating: ***
Comments: This dealer had an average selection of vehicles,
a polite staff, and average sales practices. Just your average

Norman Brothers Nissan
1983 North Semoran Blvd, Orlando On Semoran (436) two miles south of University Blvd

Our Rating: ***
Comments: Average selection, average sales practices; nothing
out of the ordinary.

Quality GMC Truck/Buick
2725 South Hwy 17-92, Casselberry
On 17-92 about 2 miles north of Colonial Drive

Our Rating: ***
Comments: Fair Selection, Nice Staff. Just about average in every

Royal Jeep/Eagle/Chrysler/Plymouth
485 North Semoran Blvd, Casselberry On Semoran (436) About 5 Miles North Of University

Our Rating: ****
Comments: This dealership has a well trained staff. They
practice a no-haggle price policy on cars similar to the laid
back sales approach pioneered by Saturn Dealers. Royal's parts
department is also well managed. You should consider this dealership:
they have been in business for a long time and their vehicle
selection is excellent.

Saturn Of Orlando
670 North Hwy 17-92, Longwood
About 4 miles North of Colonial Drive

Our Rating: ****
Comments: A great place to buy a car. The staff was polite,
informative and helpful. The showroom was laid out well (information
was easily accessible. The no haggle price policy is excellent.

World Chevrolet/Geo
5600 Leevista Blvd, Orlando On Semoran (436), one mile north of Orlando International Airport

Our Rating: **
Comments: The salespeople are not adequately trained and their
showroom had a strange arrangement. Many buyers were confused
by conflicting advice from salespeople. Average service and
sales practices. Poor Overall Score.


On Semoran (436), one mile north of Orlando International Airport

Our Rating: ****
Most of those who participated in our survey were impressed by
the large selection of vehicles for sale. Every vehicle was in
great condition and CarMax offers comprehensive warranties for
their vehicles for up to five years. With a laid back no haggle
sales policy, car buyers should visit this dealership.