Welcome to the newest club at UCF: The Ford Performance Car
Club! This is the newest division of the UCF Knight Riders Car
& Truck Enthusiast Association. If you are a fan or owner of a Ford
Performance/Muscle Car, look no further.......

***** NEW *****
The Internet Site For The Fast Fords @ UCF Car Show Is Now Online!
This site will feature the latest information on the upcoming car show.
The Fast Ford @ UCF Car Show will take place in February 1998!
Check Out The NEW Fast Fords @ UCF Car Show Site!

The Ford Performance Car Club is not just a club for Mustang owners...
it is for enthusiasts of all high performance Ford Vehicles.
We are fans of the legendary 30's Ford Coupes, the awesome Shelby
Cobras, the intimidating Mercury Comets, and even the Thunderbird
Super Coupes of the '80s(to name a few!).

The NEW Ford Performance Car Club needs MEMBERS. So if you love
Ford's Fast Cars, this is the club for you as a UCF Student! Since,
this is a new club, we need a President/Vice President. Elections
will be held in October 1997. If you are interested in becoming
a member or running for President/Vice President, email us!

Click Here To Email The UCF Knight Riders!

Print Out An FPC Membership Application

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