Elementary Brain Teaser

One Thousand

If you add the consecutive counting numbers starting with one, what number will make the sum be equal to or more than 1,000? How did you do it?

Correct Solutions:

  1. Katie Hall. Wolcott Street ES, LeRoy, NY
  2. Tyler Hall. Wolcott St. ES, LeRoy, NY
  3. Toni Machos. Lanes Mill School, Brick, NJ
  4. Matthew Strausser. St. Thomas More, Houston, TX
  5. Ashley Goldberg. Jefferson School, Jefferson, MA
  6. Leah Muller. Trafton Academy, Hammond, LA
  7. Michelle Williams. Sunrise ES, Albany, OR
  8. David Fife. Sunrise ES, Albany, OR
  9. Tim Machado. Sunrise ES, Albany, OR
  10. Altaira Brassfield. Sunrise ES, Albany, OR
  11. Michael Stephenson. Forest Lake ES, Deltona, FL
  12. Mai Goto. Taguchi ES, Aichi, Japan
  13. Grace Tseng. Morgantown ES, Natchez, MS
  14. Helen Tseng. Morgantown ES, Natchez, MS
  15. Ouqi Jiang. Gentry MS, Columbia MO
  16. Adrian Khoo. Ferris ES, Richmond, BC
  17. Leonard Anghelescu, Broadlands PS, North York, Ontario, Canada
  18. Jonathan Ruderfer. P.S.209, Brooklyn, NY
  19. Adrian Khoo. Ferris ES, Richmond, BC, Canada
  20. Kayla Friesen. West Park ES, Altona, Manitoba, Canada
  21. Stephanie Neuman. Grandview ES, Erie, PA
  22. Thien Thai. Rostrevor College, Adelaide, South Australia
  23. Anna Schapiro. Zervas School, Waban, MA
  24. Katharine Barron. Zervas School, Waban, MA
  25. Garrett James. West Park School, Altona, Manitoba, Canada
  26. Andrew Barlow. Sunrise ES, Albany, OR
  27. Carol Glaser. St. Thomas More School, Houston, TX

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