The SL-450 calculator is designed with many unique functions and features to help beginning math students and their teachers. The SL-450 is equipped with an 8-digit, easy to read LCD display, as well as a square root, percent, and +/- key. Function signs are shown on the display so student can clearly see at all time what function they are performing.

The SL 450 is solar powered and never needs batteries. It also is equipped with an independent memory capable of storing and totaling the results of a series of calculations.

SL-450 Specifications

8-digit LCD display Solar Power
Floating negative sign appears to the left of the number displayed Function signs in display
Percent, square root, memory, and plus/minus keys Instructional materials available in English and Spanish

SL-450 activities and lessons

Contact the Educational Support Staff for more information or the Educational Distributors to purchase the Casio SL-450 Calculator.