Using Digital Camera Technology
in the Classroom

"Welcome to Our School" Book

Author, School, Grade level/Subject: Kathleen Landon, Tulare Union High School, Mathematics (Tulare, CA)

Lesson Grade Level: 7-12

Subject: Social Studies, English

Objective: To create a school resource to be used to help new students be more comfortable in their new surroundings. To increase student skills in using digital and computer technology. To improve writing and reading skills.

Procedure: The class will make a picture book with photos and of important people and places at their school for new students. Encourage the class to decide what a new student would need to know to feel comfortable in the class at school. Each page of the booklet the class will create would have pictures and titles to help new students more easily fit in with their new surroundings. Ideas to consider are: pictures and names of the administration and office staff they will encounter, specific areas in the school with descriptions of what happens there, and your school rules being demonstrated by students. The school dress code, for example, might be more easily explained by including photos of students wearing appropriate attire.

Assessment: A separate brochure for parents could be made. A discussion of what would go on this brochure compared to the student brochure would be a good brainstorming activity.

Follow-up: Utilize district resources or foreign language instructors and have the student work translated into the necessary languages to serve the student population. Both books should be considered for translation.