QV-70 Digital Camera

Stores up to 96 images

The QV-70 Digital Camera has a built-in viewfinder and a built-in screen that lets you see your image instantly. You can keep your image, hide it, delete it, or simply retake the image. The choice is yours. Use the built-in screen for a one-on-one presentation or display of your images. Upload images to your computer. Modify them, using the included software, Adobe PhotoDeluxe® (for MAC and Windows) and create a complete presentation using your images. You can even download your changes back to the QV-70. You now have a lightweight instruction or presentation device. Give your presentation on a TV. You can even record your presentation on a VCR. Now you can use it anytime or anywhere you want.

QV-10A plus Specifications

Monitor-1.8 inch TFT Active Matrix Scroll through images using the minus or plus buttons
Resolution- 480x240 dpi (fine mode) 24-bit color
Image Storage - up to 96 Image Protect
Built-in viewfinder allows you to turn of the color LCD screen while capturing pictures Image Delete
Exposure Control-Aperture priority AE Self-timer - 10 second, Automatic
Shutter-Electronic Silent CCD, 1/8 to 1/4000 sec Photometric Range - EV+6 to 18
Power supply - 3 AA batteries or optional AC adapter Weight - 5.25 oz.
Double the size of any part of an image on the display Four or nine image multi-page display
Input/Output - Digital in/out; video out (NTSC) 300 line resolution Dimensions - 4.06" W x 2.6" H x 1.00" D

1001 uses for a Digital Camera

Included with the QV-70: