Casio Data Analysis System

The EA-100 Data Analysis System can measure and collect data for temperature, light, motion, sound, force, and pH. Data is collected and stored in real time by sensitive, vernier compatible probes. The data can then be transferred directly into the CFX-9850G color graphing calculator, which automatically creates applicable graphs and tables for the collected data.

The EA-100 comes complete with a comprehensive guidebook and an experiment workbook. The EA-100 includes 3 probes, one for each function: temperature, light, and voltage. It is also compatible with all other Vernier probes. Vernier Software makes a variety of sensors and probes for use with the EA-100 as listed below.

Accelerometers Barometer Biology Gas Pressure Sensor CO2 Gas Sensor
Colorimeter Conductivity Probe Current and Voltage Probes Dissolved Oxygen Probe
EKG Sensor Exercise Heart Rate Monitor Force Measurements Heart Rate Monitor
Light Sensor Magnetic Field Sensor Microphones Motion Detector
pH System Photogates Pressure Sensor Radiation Monitors
Relative Humidity Sensor Respiration Monitor Belt Rotary Motion Sensor Smart Pulley
Temperature Measurement Voltage Measurement Leads

For an overview of the variety of sensors produced by Vernier click on Vernier Probes.

EA 100 Specifications

6 channels. Inputs: 3 analog, 1 ultra-sonic motion detector, 1 digital. Outputs: 1 digital 1 temperature, 1 light probe, and 1 voltage probe included. Additional probes available
Manual "set-Up" Function allows you to select channel, sampling time and number of samples Collect data on up to 5 channels simultaneously
Auto "ID Probe" can automatically recognize the type of probe connected to each channel 6 different triggering options
Channel View Function Collect data real time
I/O port for linking with CFX-9850G AC adaptor port
Data smoothing algorithms built in Compute 1st and 2nd derivatives on collected data
Powered by 4 AAA batteries Carrying case for system and probes included
Comprehensive guidebook included experiment workbook to demonstrate mathematics and science included

Northern Arizona University EA-100 Activities and Programs

Contact the Educational Support Staff for more information or the Educational Distributors to purchase the EA 100 Casio Data Analysis System.