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Week Ending 3-26-00

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Congratulations to Donella Evelyn Bowles from Iaeger High School in Iaeger, WV. Donella wins the Casio CFX-9850G Color Graphing calculator.

A Different Rule

You are given parts for a train set that are 1/3 the size of a 1/5 scale model. The parts work for the train you own, which is a 1/7 scale model, so the ratios are equal (1/3 of 1/5 = 1/7). Essentially you have "invented a new rule for operating with fractions where you are saying 1/3 of 1/5 is 1/7. Your friend is given parts that are 1/5 the size of a 1/9 scale model (1/5 of 1/9). Using this new operation, what is the scale of your friend's train?

Please use the following format for your information when responding:

<LI> Your Name. Your ES, MS, or HS, Town, State (2 letter)
Your Grade

Problem answer

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Correct Solutions:

  1. Kiel Howe. Moscow JHS, Moscow, ID
  2. Victor Putra Lesmana. Canisius College, Jakarta, Indonesia
  3. Leonard Anghelescu. Broadlands ES, Toronto, ON, Canada
  4. Vu Nguyen. Clarkston HS, Clarkston, GA
  5. Guy David. Ransom MS, Miami, FL
  6. Jenny Myers. Troy IS, Avon Lake, OH
  7. Sasha Zakharin. Mose Aaron. Yeshiva HS, South River, NJ
  8. Mark Bicket. North HS, Edmond, OK
  9. Penka Kovatcheva. Plovdiv Language School. Plovdiv, Bulgaria
  10. Samuel Timothy Dy. St Stephen's HS, Manila, Philippines
  11. Jeff Snow. Berlin JHS, Berlin, NH
  12. Mun Yuk KO. United World College of the Atlantic, Llantwit Major, UK
  13. Pradeep Baliga. Central HS, Tuscaloosa, AL
  14. Wesley Spencer See. Chiang Kai Shek College, Manila, Philippines
  15. Neil Tiwari. Hoover HS, Glendale, CA
  16. Evan Pederson. Valley City HS, Valley City, ND
  17. Ivan Ip. St Joseph's College, Hong Kong
  18. Britta Lundin. Astoria HS, Astoria, OR
  19. Proteo Maldonado. Oviedo HS, Oviedo, FL
  20. M Nelson Balkman. Fox Valley Lutheran HS, Appleton, WI
  21. Debra Hedberg. Lotus Learning Center, El Cajon, CA
  22. Kristen Kimaball. Bishop Kenny HS, Jacksonville, FL
  23. Carlos Cesar. Oviedo HS, Oviedo, FL
  24. Hugo Carneiro. Oviedo HS, Oviedo, FL
  25. Kelsey Nyholm. Livermore HS, Livermore, CA
  26. Shu Duan. William Lyon Mackenzie CI, Toronto, ON, Canada
  27. Grace Cheung. South Pasadena MS, South Pasadena, CA
  28. Rebecca Raffle. Calabasas HS, Calabasas, CA
  29. Daniel Jorge Oliveira. Oviedo HS, Oviedo, FL
  30. Steve Balamut. Sauk Centre HS, Sauk Centre, MN
  31. Stephanie Griffin. Oviedo HS, Oviedo, FL
  32. Lauren Sampson. Oviedo HS, Oviedo, FL
  33. Charlotte Johnson. Oviedo HS, Oviedo, FL
  34. Kurry Delparte. Valley City HS, Valley City ND
  35. Orlando Carroll. Oviedo HS, Oviedo, FL
  36. Bei H Zhou. Quincy HS, Quincy, MA
  37. Shira Stern. Yeshiva of Greater Washington, Silver Spring, MD
  38. Dennis Labrador. Oviedo HS, Oviedo, FL
  39. Elizabeth Hoberman. Oak Hill ES, Newton, MA
  40. Michael Turner. Oviedo HS, Oviedo, FL
  41. Cyrus Whittaker. Ridgetop JHS, Bremerton, WA
  42. Theron Pummer. Santana HS, Santee, CA
  43. Danny Wong. James Ruse AHS, Carlingford NSW, Australia
  44. Atorn Nu. Suteetorn MS, Nakhonpathom, Thailand
  45. Andrew Henderson. Valley City HS, Valley City, ND
  46. Chris Mann. James Ruse AHS, Carlingford, NSW, Australia
  47. Yiming Yao. New Westminster SS, New Westminster, BC, Canada
  48. Nick Sacco. Alleman HS, Rock Island, IL
  49. David Robinson. Owen HS, Black Mountian, NC
  50. Amanda LaPage. Newark Valley HS, Newark Valley, NY
  51. Haakan Lundin. Astoria HS, Astoria, OR
  52. Maiyuran Arumugam. James Ruse AHS, Carlingford, NSW, Australia
  53. Sarah Mitzel. Valley City HS, Valley City, ND
  54. Tina Burke. Daleville HS, Daleville, AL
  55. Michael Middlestead. Valley City HS, Valley City, ND
  56. Jacky Yuen. CCA Baldi MS, Philadelphia, PA
  57. Eric Evans. Mar Vista ES, Aptos, CA
  58. Daniel LeCheminant. Montgomery HS, Santa Rosa, CA
  59. Tao Chen. Miller MS, San Jose, CA
  60. Danny Zhu. PS 221, Little Neck, NY
  61. Jana Archibald. Eastren Shore DH, Musquodoboit Harbour, NS, Canada

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