High School Challenge

Week Ending 7/15/00

This problem will run for 3 weeks.

Send Answer to: ucfcasio@pegasus.cc.ucf.edu

Congratulations to Kady Gerry from Middleton High School in Middleton, WI. Kady wins the Casio CFX-9850G Color Graphing calculator.

How Are Your Reflexes?
One figure is missing from the set of 12. There is a pattern defined by the 11 figures that are present. Use that information to provide the missing piece. Arrange Xs in a pattern to send your response.

Please use the following format for your information when responding:

<LI> Your Name. Your ES, MS, or HS, Town, State (2 letter)
Your Grade

Problem answer

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Correct Solutions:

  1. Tom Yue. Woodbine JHS, North York, ON, Canada
  2. Mark Bicket. North HS, Edmond, OK
  3. Jacky Yuen. CCA Baldi MS, Philadelphia, PA
  4. Cyrus Whittaker. Ridgetop JHS. Bremerton, WA
  5. Kady Gerry. Middleton HS, Middleton, WI
  6. LUK Siu Fung. St Paul's Co-educational College, Hong Kong, China
  7. Allan Cai. Woodbine JHS, Toronto, ON, Canada
  8. Nathan Zunker. Marion HS, Marion, TX
  9. Yuk Kei Lam. Cleveland HS, Portland, OR
  10. Colleen Qin. Sir Charles Tupper SS, Vancouver, BC, Canada
  11. Kevin Miceli. Villa Maria Academy, Erie, PA
  12. Ricky Yuen. CCA Baldi MS, Philadelphia, PA
  13. Chris Gray. Clay Chalkville HS, Birmingham, AL
  14. Kenneth Rose. London Central SS, London, ON, Canada
  15. Florence Law. Belilios Public School, Hong Kong, China
  16. David Alfonso. Fels MS, New York, NY
  17. Andy Pham. Cascade HS, Everett, WA
  18. Chris Domas. Sycamore HS, Cincinnati, OH
  19. Laura Turenne. Elphinstone SS, Gibsons, BC, Canada
  20. Lily Wong. Boston Latin School, Boston, MA
  21. Jeff Domas. E H Greene IS, Cincinnati, OH
  22. Sergei Sarkisov. Grissom HS, Huntsville, AL
  23. Brian Molnar. Barberton HS, Barberton, OH
  24. Frank Provenzano. New Rochelle HS, New Rochelle, NY
  25. Yi Tian. James Logan HS, Union City, CA
  26. Leung Chi Wai. Hong Kong Tang King Po College, Hong Kong
  27. Matthew Richard. Chugiak HS, Chugiak, AK
  28. Chris Engelhardt. Fremd HS, Palatine, IL
  29. Cheng T Heng. Sir Winston Churchill HS, Lethbridge, AB, Canada
  30. Wong Ka Ho. Hong Kong Tang King Po College, Hong Kong
  31. Justin Tiedt. Dekalb HS, Auburn, IN

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