High School Challenge

Week Ending 5-30-99

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Congratulations to Barry Smith of DuKate Middle School in Biloxi, MS. Barry wins the Casio CFX-9850G Color Graphing calculator.

Pick Six, Including 3

Six distinct counting numbers are drawn from the set {1, 2, 3, , 9, 10}. What is the probability that, from those selected, 3 is the second smallest?

NOTICE: The problem posted on 5/30/99 will stay up until 6/26/99. On that date, we will post a problem that will stay up until 8/1/99 because of summer break.

Correct Solutions:

  1. Lisa Schechner. Manorhaven ES, Port Washington, NY
  2. Jeffrey Mo. University ES, Calgary, AB, Canada
  3. Cyrus Harvesf. Stanton College Prep, Jacksonville, Florida
  4. Ko-Chia Yu. Affiliated HS of Nat'l Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan
  5. Jason Juang. Sycamore JHS, Cincinnati, OH
  6. Andy Eadon. Grissom HS, Huntsville, AL
  7. Brad Greer. Westside HS, Macon, GA
  8. Andy Novocin. Stanton College Prep, Jacksonville, FL
  9. Matthew Buchalter. Thornlea SS, Thornhill, ON, Canada
  10. Anthony Yuen. Hugh McRoberts SS, Richmond, BC, Canada
  11. Asher Walkover. Rambam Mesivta, Lawrence, NY
  12. Connie Leung. GeorgeS Henry Academy, North York, ON, Canada
  13. Vivian Tang. Chaparral HS, Temecula, CA
  14. Eric Hoke. Wayland High School, Wayand, MA
  15. Elaine Hart. Mount Rainier HS, Des Moines, WA
  16. Daniel Yu. Randolph MS, Randolph, NJ
  17. Laurel Maharaj. Rio Claro HS, Rio Claro, Trinidad & Tobago
  18. Yiming Yao. New Westminster SS, New Westminster, BC, Canada
  19. Michael Moyer. The Way Home School, Carlisle, PA
  20. Darin Surber. Hillsboro HS, Hillsboro, OH
  21. Joanna Wong. Western Canada HS, Calgary, AB, Canada
  22. Akshay Dayal. New English School, Kuwait
  23. Tay Hsiung Kae. Jit Sin HS, Bukit Mertajam, Penang, Malaysia
  24. Jia Cheng Chen. Edward R Murrow HS. Brooklyn. NY
  25. Michael Reschly. NorthWood HS, Wakarusa, IN
  26. Alexandra Korolyova. Riga Secondary School No 40, Riga, Latvia
  27. Denis Chebikin. Riga Secondary School No 40, Riga, Latvia
  28. Yuri Mihelovich. Riga Secondary School No 13, Riga, Latvia
  29. Roberto Rubio. IB Font Sant LLuis, Valencia, Spain
  30. Brian Wong. Southwood SS, Cambridge, ON, Canada
  31. Farhad Roueintan. Carson Graham SS, North Vancouver, BC, Canada

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