It's Only a Hundredth

It's Only a Hundredth

My typewriter frequently makes mistakes. Suppose I gave you the following system of equations to solve:

35.26X + 14.95Y = 28.35
187.3X + 79.43Y = 83.29

When I looked back, I realized that I meant to use 14.96 as the "Y" coefficient in the first equation instead of 14.95. Solving the system using 14.95 and then solving another system using 14.96 with all other values the same both times results in the intersection points (1776, -4186) and (-770, 1816) respectively. How can that be?

Correct Solutions:

  1. Wojciech Lewkowicz. Lemont HS, Lemont, IL
  2. Wataru Maeda. Glenns Ferry HS, Glenns Ferry, ID
  3. Michael Moyer. The Way Home School, Carlisle, PA
  4. Travis Marthaler. Sauk Centre HS, Sauk Centre, MN
  5. Erik D. Lamb. Maroa-Forsyth HS, Maroa, IL
  6. Ronald Renelick. Ipswich HS, Ipswich, MA
  7. Clinton Peterson. Kent Meridian HS, Kent, WA
  8. Erik Heppler. American Fork HS, American Fork, UT
  9. Aurelien Ramseyer. Kent-Meridian HS, Kent, WA
  10. Jon Stuff. Maroa-Forsyth HS, Forsyth, IL
  11. Justin Lam. College Park HS, Pleasant Hill, CA
  12. Mike Barnes. Walkersville HS, Walkersville, MD
  13. Steve DeSelms. Kent Meridian HS, Kent, WA
  14. Koos van Zyl. Overkruin HS, Pretoria, South Africa
  15. David Barsic. Franklin Regional HS, Murrysville, PA
  16. Darren Kwong. South Pasadena MS, South Pasadena, CA
  17. Luo Jin. Fengsheng HS, Beijing, P.R. China
  18. Kati Cawfield. Seminole HS, Sanford, FL
  19. Simon Pang. Crescent School, North York, Ontario, Canada
  20. Tet Matsuguchi. Centennial HS, Boise, ID