High School Challenge Previous Problems

Break Even Point

What a Kite

One Remainder

Some Zeros

What a Sale

Algebra Garden

Perfect Cubes

Match The Card

Money Tree

Ride On

Six Circle Triangle

Deep Freeze

What Digits

Tower of Power

The Gift


It's Only a Hundredth

The ABC's of Degrees

Mitsubishi Logo

Paint the Cube

Intersecting Chords


Box on Rollers


The Finest Pyramid

Cube the Digits

3 Unit Circles

The Printer

Plead the Fifth

How Many Pages?

Conversely Speaking

One Hundred Squares

What Is It?

Chinese Remainder Theorem

Circle Inscribed in Right Triangle

Holy Cube

What Order?

Trap A Zoid

Arithmetic Progression

The Family Connection

72 Things

Triangle Medians

Who is behind the masks?

The coin machine

Go fish

Some fortune

The Whole Distance

The Trisected Hypotenuse

Some Formula

Some Summation

Did the Butler do it?

Sum Factorial

Sum Five

A Big Group

How Far Away is the Point?

Tin Box

Geometric Progression and Reciprocals

The Escalator

The Shadow Knows

Six Factors

The League

Ten Wraps of Wire

Twos and Then Some


Circle the Square

My Granddad


A New Floor

Add the Angles

My Watch

Pick Six, Including 3


This Is Complex

Which Jar?

The Lock

Pete and Repeat

Two Clocks

Special Fractions

The Racers

The Track

Your Salary

To School and Back

Weigh Those Blocks

A Unique Number

Where in the World?

A Convex Polygon

The Ladder Slid

What are a n b n c?

Integral Cube

Magic Cube

Slick or Boring

Want a Date?

Weird Division

The Formula Is

Who is Single?

What is Going On?

The Same Remainder

The Subtraction Problem

The Root of it

A Different Rule

The Common Thread

Tuff Sequence

It is a girl!

This is Radical!

Will You Fold Your Tent On This One?

There is a Pattern

Powerful Strange

Not So Unlucky


Look Carefully

What Is Next?

How Are Your Reflexes?