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Week Ending 2-28-99

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Congratulations to Stacy Finkbeiner of The Center for Arts & Sciences in Saginaw, MI. Stacy wins the Casio CFX-9850G Color Graphing calculator.

The Escalator

You and I are at the bottom of an escalator and you ask if I can tell how many steps are on the escalator. Assuming that we are not permitted to mark a step or a spot on the rail and then stand there and count until the mark returns, it is still possible to do. I will tell you to walk up the escalator and count the number of steps you take until you get to the top. We will start at the same time and I will go up the escalator twice as fast as you do. That is, every time I count two steps, you count one. Once I get off, you continue at the same pace until you step off. When we are both off, I will have counted 28 steps and you will have counted 21. How many steps are on the escalator?

Correct Solutions:

  1. Lisa Schechner. Manorhaven ES, Port Washington, NY
  2. Laurel Maharaj. Rio Claro HS, Rio Claro, Trinidad & Tobago
  3. Henry Magana. Newport Harbor HS, Newport Beach, CA
  4. Shu Duan. W. L. Mackenzie Inst, North York, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  5. Jeffrey Mo. University ES, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  6. Jason Juang. Sycamore JHS, Cincinnati, OH
  7. Eric Hoke. Wayland HS, Wayland, MA
  8. Xingji Zheng. Abby Senior SS, Abbotsford, BC, Canada
  9. Scott Tippett. Newport Harbor HS, Newport Beach, CA
  10. Michael Moyer. The Way Home School, Carlisle, PA
  11. Vanessa Marginet. Holland MS, Holland, Manitoba, Canada
  12. Jarvis Yu. Montgomery Blair HS, Silver Spring, MD
  13. John Xia. Torrance HS, Torrance, CA
  14. Christopher Leon. Westmount SS, Hamilton, ON, Canada
  15. Wing Lian. Oak Grove HS, Hattiesburg, MS
  16. Momen Mokhtari. Sir John A Macdonald HS, Toronto, ON, Canada
  17. Rick Boyer. Walkersville HS, Walkersville, MD
  18. Will Horn. Arapahoe HS, Littleton, CO
  19. Louie Sun. Centennial HS, Champaign, IL
  20. Alex Arjad. Newport Harbor HS, Newport Harbor, CA
  21. Joe Strickland. Gatlinburg-Pittman HS, Gatlinburg, TN
  22. Elaine Hart. Mount Rainier HS, Des Moines, WA
  23. Frank Lee. Decatur HS, Federal Way, WA
  24. Chia Chih Chun. TEDA International School, TEDA, Tianjin, China
  25. Brendon Hansen. Newport Harbor HS, Newport Beach, CA
  26. Rachele Stains. Salmen HS, Slidell, LA
  27. Anthony Yuen. Hugh McRoberts SS, Richmond, BC, Canada
  28. Eric Allione. Newport Harbor HS, Newport Beach, CA
  29. Peter Lindgren. Farila Skola, Sweden
  30. Andy Novocin. Stanton College Prep, Jacksonville, FL
  31. Daniel Yu. Randolph Middle, Randolph, NJ
  32. Chris Hrdlicka. Wentzville HS, Wentzville, MO
  33. Victoria Stains. Slamen HS, Slidell, LA
  34. Heather Tangen. Newport Harbor HS, Newport Beach, CA
  35. Jan Nordbotten. Cathedral School, Bergen, Norway
  36. Will Crutchfield. Contemporary Learning Academy, Denver, CO
  37. Brian Bodnarik. Oviedo HS, Oviedo, FL
  38. Lisa Gardner. Boyette Springs ES, Riverview, FL
  39. Urbano Marquez. Contemporary Learning Academy, Denver, CO
  40. Brian Montalvo. Contemporary Learning Academy, Denver, CO
  41. Tao Tao Chen, Sedgwick ES, Cupertino, CA
  42. Cyrus Harvest. Stanton College Prep HS, Jacksonville, FL
  43. Dina Berkovits. Bridgewater-Raritan HS, Bridgewater, NJ
  44. Farhad Roueintan. Carson Graham SS, North Vancouver, BC, Canada
  45. Jackie Chan. McNally High School, Edmonton, AB, Canada

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