High School Challenge

Box on Rollers

Suppose you move a heavy, flat bottomed box by placing it on a bunch of rollers that have a 14 inch diameter. The rollers are on a smooth horizontal surface. In relation to the ground, how far will the box move when each roller makes exactly one complete revolution?

Correct Solutions:

  1. Tyler Henriksen. Arlington HS, Arlington, SD
  2. Mike Wilson. Louisa County HS, Mineral, VA
  3. Scott Wessels. Granite Hills HS, El Cajon, CA
  4. Wally Chu. Redmond HS, Redmond, WA
  5. Justin Lam. College Park HS, Pleasant Hill, CA
  6. Casey Steffensen. Arlington HS, Arlington, SD
  7. Alex Wissner-Gross. Great Neck South HS, Great Neck, NY
  8. Michael Moyer. The Way Home School, Carlisle, PA
  9. Adam Bliss. Collins Hill HS, Suwanee, GA
  10. Nirav Shah. T.L.Kennedy, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
  11. Brad Greer. Westside HS, Macon, GA
  12. Xingji Zheng. Abbotsford Senior HS, Abbotsford BC, Canada
  13. Pierre Andrews. College du Leman, Switserland