Elementary Math Education

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A little green frog is sitting at the bottom of the stairs.
She wants to get to the tenth step, so she leaps up 2 steps 
and then back 1.  Then she leaps another 2 steps and back 1.  
How many leaps will she have to take, if she follows this 
same pattern, till she reaches the tenth step?

Correct Solutions:
Brittany Chezem, Folsom Hills Elementary School, Age- 11
Seth Schoming--Age 11. Davenport, Nebraska
Sarah Chan, Good Hope School, Hong Kong
Andrew Zhou of Vancouver, B.C.,
Lora Johnson Iola, Wisconsin
Osvaldo Suarez. New Jersey
Darwis Wongsari. Westminster, CO
Jennifer Kaserdill, Pine Island, MN
Erica Langlitz from New Athens, IL
Chau Chun Keung, James. Unversity of Hong Kong, HK
Matt Bair. age 11, Fontana Wisconsin
Daniel Labbe, Quebec, Canada.
Austin Edwards
Javier Fuchs
Paul Baker
Greg Hammack
Zach Ezzell. Crystal River, Fl.
J.P. Gainza III. Lake Highland Prep School, Orlando, FL
Ryan Saul. Lake Highland Prep, Orlando, FL
Gavin Saul. Lake Highland Prep, Orlando, FL

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