Are You Inclined?

Maxine Edwards and Mary Teal
The Center for Advancement of Teaching

Are You Inclined?
Lesson Plan
Algebra 1 Level

Objective: The student will be able to plot points in a parabolic curve based on the relationship of distance and time of a moving object. To manipulate the literal equation d =rt for all variables.

Engage: Show students a series of time-lapse photography shots of the same object. Discuss the changes that are visible over time. Then show students a series of photos of the same object but at progressive distances. Discuss the similarities and differences of these pictures.

    Explore: Complete the following activity using the EA-100

    Motion Detector
    Plastic car or large plastic ball
    Flat wooden board approx. 8 ft long and 1 ft. wide
    Several books to support end of ramp
    Data communication cable
  1. Perform experiment as follows:
  2. Retrieve the data from the EA-100:
    a. Connect EA-100 to CFX-9850G using the data communication link.
    b. Turn on CFX-9850G and choose Run (1) from the menu.
    c. Press SHIFT VARS {PRGM}
    d. Press F6 (>) , then I/O {F4}
    e. Press Recu (F4) {Receive( }
    f. Press OPTN, List {F1}, List {F1} ,1, close Parenthesis { ) }
    g. Press SHIFT EXE { }
    h. Press Recu (F4) {Receive( }
    i. Press OPTN, List {F1}, List {F1} ,2, close Parenthesis { ) }
    j. Press EXE

  3. The data should now be listed in List 1 and List 2.

  4. For the next part of the procedure you will be operating in the STAT menu. e. After entering the STAT menu, you should find List 1 and List 2. Press GRAPH {F1} f. Press SEL {F4} g. StatGraph 1 : DrawOn h. EXIT i. Press SET {F6} Graph Type: xyline Xlist : List 1 Ylist : List 2 Frequency : 1 Mark Type : Graph Color: CHOICE f. EXIT g. GRPH 1 {F1}

Explain: Students could now graph by hand the graph obtained from the experiment. Students would label x and y axis of the graph to show the relationship of distance over time. From this point, the teacher should review the literal equation d = rt and the progressive transformations. Students would be given a worksheet which is a chart of columns of data labeled Distance (d), Rate (r) and Time (t). From this chart the student would manipulate the literal equations, solving for each unknown variable.

Elaborate:Give students a map of the United States. Have them predict any variable, given specific values, i.e. the time it takes to drive 50 mph and cover the distance between Washington and Miami.

Evaluate Student groups will be given a US map, a specific number of hours to travel, and a specified rate of speed. The group will choose a city on the East Coast to be the departure site and a city on the West Coast to be the arrival site. Students would plan a trip between the two cities which would pass through the maximum number of states possible. Verification of passing through a state would be listing of the cities passes through in any given state. Student trips would not vary 30 minutes from the specified time. Evaluations will be based on the student presentations and written product.

Developed by:
Maxine Edwards and Mary Teal
Butler High School Matthews, NC

additional help from:
Neal Farley
Independence High School
Charlotte, NC