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Math & Science Workshops

FREE Calculator to all Participants

These workshops are targeted for Secondary School Math and Science teachers.

(15 people needed to participate)

Workshop #1: This workshop features the FX-7400G Mini-Graphing Calculator. This calculator is perfect for the Algebra I classroom. It features CASIO's Icon driven menu screen. The calculator can graph and calculate one and two variable statistics, graph rectangular, and polar equations. It can also graph and automatically shade inequalities. Functions can be evaluated using the table menu. The workshop consists of an introduction to the calculator and specific activities for use with the FX-7400G Mini Graphing Calculator. These activities cover every menu of the calculator.

Cost: $35.00 per participant

Workshop #2: This workshop features the CFX-9850Ga PLUS Color Graphing Calculator, (9970G also an option) . This is CASIO's top of the line Color Graphing Calculator. It features CASIO's Icon driven menu screen. Some of the features include, graphing rectangular, polar, parametric equations, as well as constants. You can also graph inequalities that automatically shade themselves. It has a Dynamic Graphing Menu which allows you to animate graphs, varying one parameter of the equation. The calculator also has a Statistics menu, a Matrices menu, a Recursion menu, Table menu and a separate List menu. It also features a Conics menu that allows you to graph Conic Sections and, by using a graph solver feature, find the critical values you need. Another feature is the Equation Solver menu. This menu allows you to solve two types of polynomials, quadratic and cubic, simply by entering the coefficients of the variables into the calculator. It also will solve systems of simultaneous equations, up to 6 x 6, by entering the coefficients. You can program the calculator, and link it to other calculators or directly to your computer. This is an all day workshop that features hands on practice with the calculator along with several classroom activities using the calculator.

Cost: $55.00 per participant., 9970G Symbolic Calculator workshop is $85 per participant.

Workshop #3: This workshop features the CFX-9850Ga PLUS Color Graphing Calculator along with the EA-100 CASIO Data Analyzer (CDA). The calculator is the one as mentioned above. The EA-100 is a stand alone data collection device that is perfect for integrating the Math and Science classroom. Three probes are included, a light intensity probe, a voltage probe, and a temperature probe. The workshop will consist of a general overview of the calculator, with an emphasis on Statistics. The afternoon will be spent collecting and analyzing data from 6 different activities designed for use with the included probes.

Cost: $160.00 per participant

** The cost of each of the workshops includes the calculator and/or the EA-100, the activity book, and the full day of training. At the end of the day each paying participant gets to go home with the equipment and an activities book!! Fifteen people are needed to participate in order to schedule a date and place.

To Sign up for a workshop or to get more information please contact your local Casio Rep.


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