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QV-100 Digital Camera

Stores up to 192 images

The QV-100 Digital Camera has a built-in screen that lets you see your image instantly. You can keep your image, hide it, delete it, or simply retake the image. The choice is yours. Use the built-in screen for a one-on-one presentation or display of your images. Upload images to your computer. Modify them, using the included software, Adobe PhotoDeluxe® and Create a complete presentation using your images. You can even download your changes back to the QV-100. You now have a lightweight instruction or presentation device. Give your presentation on a TV. You can even record your presentation on a VCR. Now you can use it anytime or anywhere you want.

QV-100 Specifications
Monitor-1.8 inch TFT Active Matrix Scroll through images using the minus or plus buttons
Resolution- 640x480 dpi (fine mode VGA), 320x240 dpi (standard mode) 24-bit color
Image Storage - up to 192 (standard mode) in flash memory (No loss of images when batteries go dead) Image Protect
Lens - Rotatable fixed focal length 40.5mm with macro mode Image Delete
Exposure Control-Aperture priority AE Self-timer - 10 second, Automatic
Shutter-Electronic Silent CCD, 1/8 to 1/4000 sec Photometric Range - EV+5 to 18
Power supply - 4 AA batteries or optional AC adapter Weight - 6.8 oz.
Double the size of any part of an image on the display Four or nine image multi-page display
Input/Output - Digital in/out; video out (NTSC) 400 line resolution Dimensions - 5.30" W x 2.6" H x 1.57" D

1001 uses for a Digital Camera

Included with the QV-100:

  • QV-Link software that enables you to store images in organized albums. Saving files as TIFF, BMP, or PICT allows you to use them with many popular programs. You can send your images back to the camera.
  • The TWAIN driver for Windows® used to import images into many Windows® programs.
  • Adobe Photoshop® Plug-in that permits easy importing of images into many Macintosh® programs.
  • Case, wrist strap, and cleaning cloth.
  • 4 AA batteries
  • Video Cable to connect to a video device, with NTSC video-in (TV, VCR, etc.).
  • Digital Cable Serial Link to computer.
    Adobe PhotoDeluxe® for Macintosh® and Windows®.
  • Ixlaphoto ® Lite CD (Windows95 ® only). In seconds, Ixlaphoto transforms your images from you QV-100 onto your computer. Its easy-to-use interface instantly create electronic photo albums, presentations, web pages, and more! You can even make your photos to talk with out audio or yours!

Contact the Educational Support Staff for more information or the Educational Distributors to purchase the QV-100 Digital Camera.

Updated: 1/3/99 by B. H. Giza