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Calculator Program Resources

Casio FA-122 Program-Link

This software is designed for use with the CFX-9850G. This software will allow computer to calculator connection for downloading programs and images from the calculator to the computer and from the computer to the calculator. A link cable is needed along with the software. If you do not have the link cable, please contact your nearest Casio Educational Specialist.

To download the Windows version of the Casio FA-122 Program Link Software click HERE. The file you are downloading is LINK.ZIP

This is a compressed file. You must unzip the file before running the setup program:

  1. When LINK.ZIP is decompressed, the needed setup files will appear in your directory.
  2. Double click or run the setup.exe file. (This file will appear after step one).
  3. In response to the dialog box that appears, specify the installation path and then click OK.
  4. A confirmation dialog box appears after installation is complete. Click OK.

The program link cable should be connected to your computer's COM1 or COM2 port.

To download the Macintosh version of the software, save this file to your Mac desktop and use one of the popular decompression programs such as Stuff-It to expand the file, thereby re-creating the installation disk.

Alpha.exe :   a program developed by Wested in California to directly link the EA100 after collection of data to a Windows Based machine.  This allows for transmission of data from the EA100 directly to the PC in a tab delimited format.  Then the data can be analyzed with simple spreadsheet software. Alpha.pdf :  is an  Acrobat Reader file with directions on how to use this software.

Filter.exe: A program developed by John Dumas,  an independent programmer.  This is a windows based program that takes Casio List files which have been saved in the CAT format and reformat them to a Tab Delimited Format.  This format can be easily opened with any spreadsheet such as excel or even common statistics packages such as Vernier Graphical Analysis.   Filter.pdf  is an Acrobat Reader file that has directions on how to use it.

CFX9850G+ Programs  A collection of programs from various sources to be used the the 9850 series of calculators. Many are available for direct download or from linked websites

FX7400G Programs Currently the 7400G is not linkable, but here are the programs that we have found to be quite useful as well as simple to type in.

EA100 Programs These are programs that are used in conjunction with the 9850G and EA100 for various different probes

Updated: 12/27/98 by B. H. Giza based on pages by Clay Moore