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The Electronic Classroom

Fall/Winter 1998


Incorporating the Use of the Digital Cameras and Handheld PC's in Today's Classroom

Digital Cameras

Capture...Create...Educate...Communicate... key words in bringing today's hottest technology into your classroom. Because Casio recognizes that schools today have become very sophisticated in the art of communicating, it has designed its line of QV digi tal cameras to particularly suit the needs of the educational community. These palm-sized cameras work much like a video camera, yet can capture and store up to 192 still images which can then be uploaded to your computer via Adobe PhotoDeluxe™ softw are that comes packaged with the camera. Use your creativity to produce dynamic lesson plans, school newsletters, create web page illustrations, record the stages of a classroom experiment, and much more. The Casio digital camera also has the unique abil ity to have a complete slide presentation downloaded to it from your PC. You can even download graphing calculator screens to your Casio camera! In addition, they connect easily to your TV for large screen presentations, or you can copy your pres entation from your camera to a VCR tape to use again in the future.

QG-100 Color Photo Printer

The QG-100 allows you to print directly from a Casio digital camera, enabling you to make student ID badges, bus passes, bookmarks and a variety of other items. The QG-100 includes software so that you can print directly from your Windows PC.

The QV-100 digital camera & QG-100 are available on loan through our loaner program (see home page listing for details on loaner program).



Palm Size PC

The Palm-Size PC is pocket-sized, versatile and designed to provide fast, easy-to-use, one handed data access fro teachers and administratiors. Take it to and from school to keep all of your vital information such as grades, curricula, and contacts organized. It is compatible with Windows95 and Windows NT 4.0. It's easy to use. Just tap the screen with the stylus. It can even launch files and applications upon your voice commands and record voice memos

Other exciting features include:

  • Bright, backlit touch screen with stylus and large, 4MB memory
  • Automatic PC Synchronization with Outlook and Schedule+
  • Compact Flash Slot for unlimited data storage
  • E-mail capable with optional modem adapter

CFX-9850Ga Plus
Color Graphing Calculator

The newest color graphing calculator, CFX-9850Ga Plus offers all the features of the CFX-9850G with exciting new capabilities for advanced statistics and financial calculations. With the CFX-9850Ga Plus, you can master list-based statistical calculations with both single and double variables. The CFX-9850Ga Plus also explores the realm of advanced statistics, including nine dif ferent hypothesis testing functions and six confidence interval functions. The advanced financial calculations make the CFX-9850Ga Plus all business.

An exclusive NTSC Calculator-to-Television interface for demonstrating the calculator in the classroom is available for this model.

Check our SPECIAL OFFERS section to see how you can obtain one free!

EA-100 Data Analysis System

The Casio Data Analysis System is a powerful new data collection device allowing teachers and students to explore and measure real world phenomena such as light, temperature, voltage, motion, sound, force, pH and more in real world time. Compact and battery operated, the Data Analysis System can be used alone or in tandem with the Casio CFX-9850G to produce colorful graphs and tables. Its clear digital readout and control panel puts students in total command to explore and analyze math & science like never before. The Casio Data Analysis System comes packaged with a temperature, light, and voltage probes.

Use the CFX-9850G and Casio Data Analysis System together for the ultimate mathematics experience!

Be sure to see details on how you can obtain a FREE Data Analysis System under Special Offers on our home page.

Label Printers

Casio EZ-Label Printers (KL-7000, KL-750) are the perfect tools for labeling books, files, equipment and just about anything else in the classroom! With a variety of built-in symbols, illustrations, tape colors and sizes to choose from, students and teachers alike will find them easy and fun to use. And, all label printers have a window allowing you to preview your label before printing. Take a look at the Casio KL-750 low-cost label printer for your classroom this year!

For pricing and ordering information on the QV digital cameras and/or label printers, contact your local Program Distributor.


Don t forget to check the Special Offers section on our home page for a listing of all current free product offers.


As our product line continues to grow by leaps and bounds, so does our number of team players! In the past few months, our education division has welcomed seven new members to its sales force, furthering our commitment to teacher support by making it eas ier to reach a Casio representative for the one-on-one assistance you may require.

See the listing on our main page of all our educational representatives.


Stop by our booth at any of the following shows this year for hands-on evaluation of all our top products:

Date Convention City
October 1-2 ISTA Boise, Idaho
October 1-3 ACET Houston, TX
October 8-9 ASTA MESA, AZ
October 8-11 CSTA San Jose, CA
October 8-10 Northwest Mathematics Conf. Spokane, WA
October 13-15 Educom Orlando, FL
October 15-17 GA-CTM Eatontown, GA
October 15-17 NCTM Regional Hartford, CT
October 15-17 NCTM Regional Louisville, KY
October 15-17 FCTM Orlando, FL
October 17 CMC Fresno, CA
October 29-31 LSTA Alexandria, LA
October 29-31 NCTM Regional Little Rock, AK
October 29-31 NSTA Regional Seattle, WA
November 4-6 South Carolina Science Council Greenvile, SC
November 5-6 AR Joint Conference Little Rock, AR
November 5-7 LATM Baton Rouge, LA
November 5-8 AMATYC Portland, OR
November 11-13 NCTM Regional Reno, NV
November 19-20 CAST Corpus Christi, TX
November 19-21 NSTA Regional Birmingham, AL
November 19-22 ICTCM New Orleans, LA
December 3-5 NSTA Regional Albuquerque, NM
December 4 CMC Monterey, CA
December 4-6 CMC-North Monterey, CA
December 9-11 Tech Expo Roanoke, VA
December 9-11 Tech Expo Los Angeles, CA
December 10-11 Tech for Teachers Atlanta, GA

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