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Graphing Calculator Activities

Click on activity title to view and print the activity.

Activities for the 9850G/+

Ascension Parish Workshop Guide     An overview of the 9850G with sample problems

Dynamic Sine Curve     Using dynamic graphing function to discover the effects of period and amplitude on the sine curve.
Y-intercept dynamically  Using the Dynamic Graphing Function to show the effects of the y-intercept

Cosine Curve   Using the graphing function to discover the effects of of period and amplitude on the cosine curve.
Y-intercept in color    Activity involving order of operations

Place Your Order    Activity involving order of operations

Get in Line    Activity involving perimeter and circumference

What is a Scatter Plot?    Lesson familiarizing students with data manipulating

Modeling a Scrunchy    Using a Straw Wrapper to collect visual data and model.

Trig Functions               Use a Graphing Calculator to Solve a Composite Function.

Bounce                         Determine Velocity and Acceleration of a bouncing ball

What's My Velocity      Projectile Motion on a Calculator

Get Rich Quick            Analyze Cost Versus Profit in a fictional business situation.

Racing Buggies            Compare two motorized cars speed and acceleration

Monkey Hunter           Projectile Motion using parametric equations.

Gravity Observed        To show the relationship between weight and mass, and experimentally arrive                                    at a numerical value for “g”, the acceleration due to gravity.

Activities for the FX7400G

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