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The fx-7400G Graphing calculator was designed to work with the NCTM standards at a price (About $38 for Educators) that puts graphic technology in the hands of every student. Powerful graphing capabilities include graphing linear equations and inequalities. Advanced graphing functions allow the user to zoom in for detailed analysis, trace and read the xy coordinates, and plot individual points. The fraction key allows entry and calculations of fractions. The fx- 7400g will convert between mixed and improper fractions and converts fractions to their decimal equivalents.

The 13 character x 6 line display shows graphs or complex, multi- line calculations in a single view. On screen, icon-driven menu provides easy access to advanced functions. Built-in functions include standard deviation, regression analysis, and base arithmetic.

fx-7400G Specifications
6 line by 13 character display Fraction operations include conversion of fractions, mixed numbers, and decimals
Advanced functions available through on- screen, soft key menus 15 digit calculation accuracy
Up to 38 programs can be stored Graph rectangular and parametric functions
Graphs inequalities using shading Multiple graph types may be graph simultaneously
10 different zoom features Create a table of values from given functions, and generate plots and graphs from tables of values
Single and double variable statistics graphing including box and whisker plots, median-median lines, histograms, scatter plots, X-Y lines, broken lines, regression curves Single and double variable list-based statistics calculations including descriptive values and linear, quadratic, logarithmic, exponential and power Regressions
Powered by 2 AAA batteries and 1 lithium backup Up to 4 pictures can be stored and used as backgrounds for comparing graphs
Comprehensive guidebook and batteries included Free application based newsletter

fx-7400G activities and lessons

fx-7400G Support Documents and Guides

Contact the Educational Support Staff for more information or the Educational Distributors to purchase the Casio fx-7400G Graphing Calculator.

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