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fx-65 True Fraction / Scientific Calculator

fx65 Calculator

The fx-65 offers a host of powerful features. Its true fraction display shows the numerator over the denominator just as it is written in textbooks. The fx-65 converts between mixed numbers and improper fractions and between decimal values and fractions at the touch of a key. Its simplification key reduces fractions, step-by-step. The calculator offers integer division with remainder.
fx65 Fraction Abilities
The fx-65 performs basic Trigonometric and Scientific functions.

fx-65 Specifications
8 digits with 2 exponents in display Dual power: Solar and battery
Two programmable constant functions Converts between fractions, mixed numbers, improper fractions and decimal notation
18 levels of parentheses Integer division with remainder
Independent memory stores and totals the results of a series of calculations Trigonometric functions include sin, cos, tan, hyperbolic, inverse and inverse hyperbolic functions
Backspace/correction key 3-digit separator
True fraction display Instructional materials available in English and Spanish

Contact the Educational Support Staff for more information or the Educational Distributors to purchase the Casio fx-65 Calculator.

Updated: 12/28/98 by B. H. Giza