The fx-55 fraction mate calculator offers a wide range of capabilities from basic math and fractions through pre-algebra. Its true fraction display shows the numerator over denominator just as it is written in textbooks. The fx-55 rounds mixed number to the nearest whole number. It can fix the number of decimal places from 0 to 8. The calculator converts between mixed and improper fractions and between decimal values and fractions at the touch of a key.

The fx-55 simplify key reduces fractions, step-by-step by dividing out each common factor. The fx-55 also allows integer division with remainder by showing the remainder on the same screen.

fx-55 Specifications

8 digits with 2 exponents in display Dual power: Solar and battery
Floating negative sign appears to the left of the number displayed Integer division with remainder Reciprocal capability Converts from fraction to decimal and vice-versa 18 levels of parentheses Fixed decimal capability Backspace/correction key 3-digit separator
True fraction display Instructional materials available in English and Spanish

fx-55 activities and lessons

Support Documents for fx-55 Fraction Calculator

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