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casiolab.cat  Use this program to choose Sample Rate, Sample Time, and Number of Samples for the EA100.Choose from 22 different programs callibrated to use Vernierprobes. The program was created by Steve Nichols.

dtmatch.cat  Have your algebra students practice graphing by using this program that creates random graphs and asks for you to match the motion with the motion detector.

demo.cat   Run this while you are using the 9850+, several pretty graphs are drawn on the screen. This is a good show and tell of what the calculator is capable of graphing.

fall12.cat   A program that allows you to calculate velocity and acceleration of a falling object using the motion detector.

phcal.cat   Use this to calibrate the PH Probe.

phprobe.cat   Calculate the PH value of a solution.

realight.cat  Show change in brightness of a light source in realtime by using this program and the light probe.

realtemp.cat  Show change in temperature by using this program and the temperature probe and the results are displayed in "realtime".

realtimed.cat  A program that uses the motion detector to plot movement or distance relative to time, with a "realtime" display.

Some more Realtime programs - each one has been modified to suit the creators' needs:   realtime.cat, realtime2.cat,  realvolt.cat

receive.cat,  Transfer two sets data from the EA100 to List1 and List2 of the graphing calculator. Uses time, and Channel 1, as the data that is transmitted.

sonic.cat,  A program which uses the motion detector and graphs distance vs time.

sonic2.cat,   A program using the motion detector which calculates velocity of an object in relation to time.

tempcnvt.cat,   Convert to Celsius or to Fahrenheit using this program.

timedpgm.cat,   Program created by Dick Rezba at Virginia Commonwealth University. Take timed readings using either microphone, ph, force, or pressure probes.

trigger.cat,  Also by Dick Rezba, VCU, Similar to Timedpgm, but allows you to trigger samples independent of time. The same four probes are used.

trolley.cat,  A program that uses a light probe to trigger collection of data for a moving car. This also has an accompanying student activity.

Key Curriculum Programs,   16 Programs with 16 Example Data Sets to be used with Temperature, Light, Voltage, and Motion Probes. These programs are paired with activities from the book: Transforming Functions to Fit Data, by Key Curriculum Press. To order call 510-548-2304, or visit their website at: www.keypress.com

Updated: 12/27/98 by B. H. Giza