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The CFX-9970G Color Graphing Calculator is a powerful tool that can aid students fromAlgebra I & II up to and beyond Calculus.  Its large on-screen, icon-driven menu helps out greatly with advanced functions.  Graphs are easier to create and study with the help of its dual-screen capability, multiple color display, the new Conicsfeature, and the ability to create list-based statistics, histograms, scatter plots and regression curves with the touch of a button.  The CFX-9970G also offers the following new capabilities:

  • Symbolic Manipulation
  • Advanced Statistic Functions
  • Financial & Business Functions

Symbolic Manipulation provides tools for expansion of algebraic expressions, factoring,and solving.  In this mode, differential and integration calculations results are displayed as they appear in textbooks or on paper in true algebraic expression.

Advanced Statistic Functions also explore the realm of advanced statistics, including nine different hypothesis testing functions and six confidence functions. 

Financial and Business Functions are also a snap with the CFX-9970G.  It can quickly calculate Time-Value-of-Money (TVM), simple and compound interest,cash flows, and amortization.  It also performs conversions and calculations forcost/sell/margin, days, and bonds. 

A new CONICS feature draws and analyzes standard Conic Sections (Ellipses, Circles,Hyperbolas and Parabolas). Students can trace along the curves, or solve to find pointsand values of interest like Foci, Asymptotes, Directrix, Tangent, Slope and more. Using the Background feature, students can compare Conics with the graphs of functions drawn in other calculator modes.

CFX 9970G Specifications

8 line by 21 character, 3 color display One-Way Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
Advanced functions available through on- screen, soft key menus Full screen worksheets for solving Time-Value-of-Money problems
15 digit calculation accuracy with 10 digit mantissa and 2 digit exponent display 16 Zoom features including storage of 6 user defined view windows
Graphs inequalities using automatic shading Multiple graph types may be graph simultaneously
Interactive equation solver feature for solving for different variables in user-defined equations Graphic solver finds roots, intersections, intercepts, minima, maxima, and integrals
First and Second derivative calculations and graphing Dual screen capabilities
Powered by 4 AAA batteries and 1 lithium backup to preserve memory Matrix calculations with up to 26 matrices
List editor creates, edits, and manages 36 separate data lists Solve for real and complex solutions for quadratic and cubic equations
Automatic first derivative tracing Communications port for linking to a PC, another CFX-9970 or the Casio Data Analysis Device


Contact the Educational Support Staff for more information or the Educational Distributors to purchase the Casio CFX-9850G Color Graphing Calculator.

Updated: 12/27/98 by B. H. Giza