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The materials below are links to downloadable programs that add functionality to Graphing Calculators or Data Collection Devices. Some are links to materials outside of this site, and others are links to materials archived within this site. We appreciate the contribution of materials and program resources provided or made available in the public domain or for educational use by the developers. Whenever possible we have linked back to the original site. If you are aware of other programs and resources, or would like to correct a link we have provided, please contact us at:


Programs Available for the 9850G/+ Calculator


Section 1: Programs for Previous Graphing Calculators created by Alan R. Ziv. These are Keystrokes only, and are also included in the section in the 9850G Library.



Section 2: Programs From Charlies' Graphics Calculator Site

This first set is in a file titled Program2.cat on Charlie's site, and some of the programs it contains are included separately in our mirror-archive.


  • Linear.cat   eqn of line from gradient and point or two points
  • Quads.cat  Equation of a parabola from 3 points
  • Marks.cat      program to obtain the class average
  • Trigsolv.cat     Solutions of trig functions over a range
  • D2F      Converts Decimals to Fractions
  • APslver.cat       Finds/solves/tabulates arithmetic Progressions
  • GPslver.cat       Finds/solves/tabulates geometric Progressions or series
  • Borgs.cat       works out aerobic exercise heart rate targets for ages, exercise intensity, etc
  • Traprule.cat      Introduction to finding area beneath a curve using trapeziums.


This set is in a file titled Calculus.cat on Charlie's site



This set of files are saved in Charlie's catalogue titled applic.cat (10.9k)
This set of programs by Charlie Watson for Western Australian TEE Applicable Mathematics contains:


  • MAV Enter time series in lists 1 & 2 and this program returns moving averages (you choose no. of points), residuals, seasonal adjustments, graphs, predictions, etc. See Task 3 for worked example. (Debugged 1.Dec.97 and 5.Apr.98)
  • LINPRG  solves linear programming problems. Enter inequalities, objective function and that's it!
  • BINPROB calculates probabilities associated with Bin(n,p). (Normal approx. option if np>5 and n(1-p)>5.) See Info 1 for worked examples.
  • BINPLOT+ calculates and graphs Bin(n,p) distribution for any n up to 100 and any p. Normal approx. option if appropriate. Designed for CFX9850G+. See Info 1 for worked examples.
  • BINPLOT  version of BINPLOT+ for the older CFX9850G model. See Info 1 for worked examples.
  • GAUSELIM  Gaussian elimination of matrix A, result in matrix R, showing steps. Modified version of program by Roy Maclean.
  • ROWREDA Reduces matrix A to echelon form, result in matrix R. Indicates type of soln. Modified version of Alan Ziv's program below.
  • ROWREDTT   As for ROWREDA but also shows steps in reduction. (Though rarely shows a 'neat' path to the reduction!)
  • NWTNRAPH  NWTRPHTT - D2F - Not in this set, but get them from calculus.cat.


Files in this section are in a catalogue entitled task.cat (1.6k)
This set of programs by Charlie Watson contains (12th May 97):

  • REACT  Collects up to 50 measurements of your reaction times and puts them into a list for statistical analysis. Depending on the level of analysis, this is suitable for Years 7 to 12. See example worksheet Task 1 - Collection and Analysis of Reaction Times.
  • GUESS  Collects up to 50 student estimates of 5 seconds and puts them into a list for analysis. The worksheet Task 2 - Estimation of 5 seconds - Data collection and Normal distribution illustrates a possible use.


Programs from this section are in a catalogue entitled ea100_1.cat (1.9k)
This set of programs by Charlie Watson for use with EA-100 Data Analyzer Applications contains (21st Jan 98):

  • MOTION for use with a sonic motion detector to record time/distance data.
  • TEMP.R for use with a temperature probe to record and plot time/temp data 'real-time'.


Section 3: Programs in this section are in a catalogue file entitled kissane.cat (5.0k) Programs by Barry Kissane.
At the website: http://cleo.murdoch.edu.au/~cwatson/cashome.html
The source of most of these programs is Chapter 12 Programming - in the book More Mathematics With A Graphics Calculator by Barry Kissane. They are fairly short and intended to help you understand the basics of programming. See the book for full details of programs. This set contains:

  • CALENDAR  returns the day of week from the date.
  • FACTORS  finds set of prime factors of n for n>10.
  • DIFFLIST stores differences of values in List1 into List2.
  • BINPROB makes binomial probability distribution table.
  • MANDLBRT  draws user chosen part of Mandelbrot set.
  • DIRECFLD   - draws direction field for differential equation. Formula in Y1.
  • D.E.PLOT  - finds differential equation solution graphically using step method.
  • SAMPLE -
  • COIN -  60 simulations of tossing coin n times. Number of heads in List1.
  • CARDS  simulates collecting complete set of n cards. (Eg collector cards in cereal)


Section 4: Programs from Silverstone Website:

All programs are in keystroke format after you unzip the file. But you can download these to the calculator by using the filtering program Cas and then upload them back in Cat form using the fa122 program link.


  • 10 GISSATAL.ZIP 2458 94-11-21  Guess the number, randomizing game.
  • 11 PRIMTAL.ZIP 2375 94-11-21  Divides a number in prime factors.
  • 12 PAINT.ZIP 3008 94-11-21  Paint 1.0, drawing prg to the Casio!
  • 13 ALKOTEST.ZIP 2399 94-11-21  Alcotest
  • 14 POWER.ZIP 2372 94-11-21  Power function on the Casio, useful!
  • 15 YKXM.ZIP 2539 94-11-21  Practise on the lines equations.
  • 16 DEC_BRAK.ZIP 2555 94-11-21  Converts decimal numbers to fractions
  • 21 2ND_SOLV.ZIP 2183 95-03-21  2nd degree solver...
  • 22 3RD_SOLV.ZIP 2386 95-03-21  3rd degree solver...
  • 24 PERSONNR.ZIP 2597 95-03-21  Gives you the complete birthcode
  • 25 PP2CAP10.ZIP --Off-- 95-04-18  PcPic to CasioPic v1.0!
  • 26 PP2CAP11.ZIP 16528 95-04-30  PcPic To CasioPic v1.1! Fixed A Bug! DL!
  • 27 KUB.ZIP 2633 95-09-15 3D  kub. Cool!
  • 34 LASER.ZIP 2749 96-03-10  Laser
  • 35 HERONS.ZIP 2378 96-03-10  Herons formula (triangles)
  • 39 ART.ZIP 2492 96-04-19  Modern Arts simple drawing program
  • 40 LOGCOMPL.ZIP 2424 96-04-19  Calculate negative/complex logarithms
  • 41 SCREENSA.ZIP 2545 96-04-19  "Screen saver #1"
  • 42 PBRUSH.ZIP 2813 96-05-13  Paintbrush for Casio fx 9700/7700
  • 47 SCORETBL.ZIP 2335 96-07-12  Makes a graphical Score-Table!
  • 49 CAS-043.ZIP --Off-- 96-08-24  This is Cas; version 0.4.3
  • 61 CFX2CFX.ZIP 1791 96-09-09  How to build the cable Casio <-> Casio
  • 62 CASIOLNK.ZIP 7401 96-09-10  How to build the Casio <-> PC interface
  • 64 STICKS.ZIP 2757 96-10-18  Mathsticks. Do not take the last one!
  • 78 CAS-052.ZIP 271271 97-01-26  This is Cas; version 0.5.2
  • 79 CAS-100B.ZIP 287368 97-01-26  This is Cas; version 1.0.0
  • 81 FAKERES.ZIP 1856 97-06-25  Fake reset program for 9850g


Section 5: Programs from Casio, Australia Website: www.school.Casio.com.au


Charlie Watson's Programs downloadable from file entitled: program.cat. Many of Charlie's files are described near the top of this page in section 2.

  • Linear, Pbisect, Quads, Marks, Borgs, D2F, CMPLXRT, Cmplxpwr, EZ, Trigsolv, AP,
  • GP, Ntwnraph, Linprg, Polymult, Polydiv, Binprob, React, Guess, Mav, Traprule,


Barry Kissane's Programs downloadable from the file entitled: kissane.cat


  • Calendar returns the day of the week from date
  • Factors finds the set of prime factors for n>10
  • Difflist Stores Differences of values in List 1 into List2
  • Binprob Makes binomial probability distribution table
  • Mandlbrt draws user chosen part of Mandlebrot set
  • Direcfld draws direction field for differential equations.
  • DEPlot Finds diff. Equation solution graphically using the step method
  • Sample
  • Archimed
  • Coin 60 simulations of tossing coin n times, number of heads in List 1
  • Cards simulates collecting complete set of n cards (EG: collector cards in cereal)


Programs written by David Tynan and John Dowsey saved in the file jdt.cat:


  • Amodel Examines whether a function is appropriate for modeling data, User is able to check difference tables, successor ratios, and also perform transformations on the list variables.
  • Ballpath simulates the path of a ball, and calculates the horizontal displacement of the ball
  • Birth Simulates the birthday problem using random integers, and reporting whether a duplicate b-day has been found
  • Drawderv This is like the famous Green Globs but for derivatives, it graphs the function in Y1 and allows you to predict two points that would lie on the function of the derivative.
  • Intarea Provides a visual representation of the numeric integration approximations, such as left and right rectangles, midpoint, and trapezoidal rules. It also calculates the areas, and compares them to the internal calculation used by the calculator.
  • Lsregr A first principles approach to least squares regression, which helps students visualize how the algorithm works.
  • Normprob Visually constructs and calculates normal probabilities, for a user entered mu and sigma, includes Pr(x>a), Pr(x<a), and Pr(a<x<b)
  • Quad1 Simple quadratic solver, which only returns solutions if they are real. Designed to help students develop programming techniques.
  • Quad2 An extension of Quad2, designed to return complex solutions as well.
  • Secant Illustration of how the gradient of a secant PQ approaches the gradient of the tangent at P as the value of h approaches zero. Also returns the tangent equation.
  • Windfix Windfix gives you th option of adjusting the xmin and xmax of the current viewing window so that the trace cursor increments friendlier amounts. This is not always successful, but can be very useful.


Programs from Alan Ziv are located on this website as well, listed in the file: alanziv.cat - Many of these Programs are described in section 1 (above).:


  • Amortize Computes the standard amortization calcs
  • Dblint approximates a double integral numerically
  • Fundthm.cat  solves diff. Equation numerically and solves for the antiderivative.
  • Linprog  Solves a linear programming problem by the simplex method 
  • Prime Determines whether a number is prime or composite
  • Riemann Approximates an integral by a Riemann Sum
  • Slopefld graphs the slope field of a differential equation
  • Cmplxrt finds and displays the N complex solutions of Z to the Nth=C
  • Euler Plots the Euler's Method solution of a differential equation.
  • Impgraph Plots the implicity defined graph given by F(x,y)=0
  • Cmplxpwr Finds any power of a complex number
  • Primfact Reports the prime factors of a number and their multiplicity
  • Rowreda Row reduces Matrix A to reduced row echelon form
  • Triplint.cat  approximates a triple integral numerically


Section 6: Programs available from Hidetake Jo's website entitled: Casio Program Archive
The Website URL is

Listing of programs: (these programs are only text files, and in order to use the programs you have to type them in or use the program Cas to import the commands and asci code).

  • 3d-engine      program for developers of games.
  • Demo of 3d-engine    Examples of how the program 3de is called up in other programs.
  • Useful tool for the graphing calculator A program that calculates <A modulo B>
  • Optimize program Clears the graph, and fixes the range so that you see four quadrants of the graph. Fixes display as well as changes angles to degrees
  • Just let me move A program of interactivity allowing you to move the letter O across the window with the arrow pad.
  • Solver9850 Solves Equations with one unknown
  • Pi Uses Wallis' equation to calculate Pi
  • Watch A program for minutes and seconds
  • Divide Shows decimal place digits of division until they start repeating.
  • Watch9850 Program for minutes and seconds
  • Reset A "fake" reset program, screen looks like the calculator was really reset.
  • RS98 A program for Riemann Sum
  • PythaX Pythagorean Theorem for Geometry
  • Ph Utility If you know one of four, solve for the rest, Ph, Poh, hydronium, or hydroxide concent.
  • Alcohol Shows alcohol in your body for 24hr period
  • Slopef Program to calculate slope field
  • Eular Program for Euler's method
  • Trig Solve for angle or unknown sides
  • Chat Chat between two calculators and a link


Section 7: Programs from Geocities website by Ted Cannelongo, which are listed in printout form or can be incorporated using the CAS format by downloading the Cas filter.


  • Trigonometry Enter angle and see trip function graphed
  • Etch-A-Sketch Electronic Doodling program
  • Interest Finance package using monthly compound.
  • Fuction Value Table Calculates values along an interval of inputs
  • Quadratic Formula Enter in A,B,C and solves for roots
  • Probability 1 K successes in n trials, with prob. P.
  • Probability 2 With additional sum of successes
  • Probability 3 Mean, variance, and st. deviation for n trials with prob. P success.
  • Factors of a Number Tells you factors, and counts them too.
  • Probability Distribution  Bar graph of results of Prob 1 program
  • Estimating the Area of an Inequality Supply the function and randomness
  • Guess the Number Higher or lower game of guess
  • Standard Bell Curve Probability Input 2 values and find probability of a number falling in this range
  • TC windows An icon interface program, needed for other programs
  • Binomial Expansion Inputs the coefficients, and then the expansion occurs giving the results.
  • Average of a Sample Randomly selects numbers 1-9 and then calculates the average
  • Roots of Negatives Find the rth roots of negative numbers
  • Mandelbrot Fractal Graphs complex image of Fractal, "slow"
  • Julia Sets Graph of Julia set in complex plane
  • Truth Tables Uses the base 2 logical operations, to generate truth tables for p, q, and r,
  • Base n Mode
  • Comp Mode
  • Modular Arithmetic From the PCDM course, enter in the mod, and number to evaluate
  • Prime Number Program View list of primes or check to see if prime
  • Polynomial Division Up to degree 8 and 7

Section 9: Programs provided by Joe Schumaker: We are unsure of their developers or of their origin.


  • Sample 1 - in .CAT format A temperature graphing program for the EA100
  • Sonic Measure the bounces of a ball
  • Basic Simple transfer of data into List1/2
  • Realtime real time graphing program for temperature
  • Receive Same as basic
  • RealT1 A real time program for the motion detector
  • RealTemp A real time program for the temp. probe
  • RealLite A Real time program for the lite probe
  • Realvolt A real time program for the voltage probe
  • TTT Tic/Tac/Toe
  • Asteroid Game
  • Slopeint Determine the slope and Intercept of a line
  • MonteC
  • GCD A program to determine the greatest common divisor
  • Blckjack Game of blackjack
  • Midpoint determines the location of the midpt of two pts.
  • Rectangle Determines the area, perimeter, and diagonal for a rectangle
  • Slope Determines the slope and draws a line between the two points
  • Distance Determines the distance between two points and draws the line to connect them
  • Rotate Rotates a triangle through a given angle.



Programs Available for the CFX 7400 Calculator


Updated: 1/3/99 by B. H. Giza based on pages by Clay Moore