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CFX-9850G Calculator Programs and Support Documents
Please Note:
Many of the programs available at this site are mirrored from other sites, and are available at the original location, but are grouped here for convenience. We appreciate the contribution of the developers in making this public domain software available to educators, and we link to their sites wherever possible.

Support Documents for the 9850/9850+ Graphing Calculator

TI82 VS Casio 9850G     Performance Comparision of the two calculators.

TI83 VS Casio 9850G+     Performance Comparision of the two calculators.

Differences between TI83 and 9850+     Performance A listing of specifice performance differences between the two calculators.

Workshop Guide     Complete Workshop Guide for getting started with this calculator.

Commands For Programming     Location of keys used in programming in various menus for the 9850/+ graphing calculator

Directions for Using FA122 Link     Linking the calculator to the pc or mac is a breeze with this quick and easy guide.

Websites with games for Casio calculators     A list of about 20 websites with games in zip and *.cat format.


Programs and Links to Other Websites

Sites With Even More Programs! Links to sites with tons of Calculator programs

2x2SYS:            This Program solves a two by two system of equations.

2x2DET            Finds the determinant of a two by two matrix.

3x3SYS:             solves a three by three system of equations.

3x3DET:             Finds the determinant of a three by three matrix

SLD:                   Calculates the slope,  distance,  and midpoint if given two points.

Rect:                    This program finds area, perimeter and Diagonal of a Rectangle.

Rotate:                Rotates a triangle through a given angle of rotation about a vertex.

ReflectX:             Reflects a triangle about the X axis.

ReflectY:              Reflects a triangle about the Y axis.

Translate:             Shifts a triangle in the x or y direction by a distance.

RollDice:              Generates a random pair of numbers 1-6.

ReflectYX:           Reflects a triangle about the line y=x.

ReflectYN:           Reflects a triangle about the line y=-x.

Quadroot:             Calculates the roots of quatdratic equations.

Discriminant:         Calculates the discriminant of quadratic equations.

These Programs are downloadable from this site and have their own brief descriptive pages

Amortization Complex Roots
Double Integral Euler's Method
Solving Differential Equations Plotting implicitly defined graphs
Linear Programming Powers of Complex Numbers
Prime or Composite Number Prime Factors of a Number
Riemann Sum Row Reduce Matrix A
Slope Field of a differential equation Triple Integral

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