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Programs for the CFX7400 Graphing Calculator

These programs can be used for the higher level calculators as well. (9850 /+, 9970G)

2x2SYS:             This Program solves a two by two system of equations.
2x2DET             Finds the determinant of a two by two matrix.
3x3SYS:             solves a three by three system of equations.
3x3DET:             Finds the determinant of a three by three matrix
SLD:               Calculates the slope, distance;and midpoint if given two points.
Rect:             This program finds area, perimeter and diagonal of a Rectangle.
Rotate:             Rotates a triangle through a given angle of rotation about a vertex.
ReflectX:             Reflects a triangle about the X axis.
ReflectY:             Reflects a triangle about the Y axis.
Translate:.             Shifts a triangle in the x or y direction by a distance
RollDice:               Generates a random pair of numbers 1-6.
ReflectYX:             Reflects a triangle about the line y=x.
ReflectYN             : Reflects a triangle about the line y=-x.
Quadroot:             Calculates the roots of quatdratic equations.
Discriminant:             Calculates the discriminant of quadratic equations.

Support Documents for the 7400G (Workshop guides, Etc)

Demo of 7400g:             A quick startup guide to using the Fx7400G graphing calculator
Workshop Guide:             A complete workshop guide for the 7400G

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