Elementary Math Education

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The Gold Rush

Suppose someone gives you 3 bags, 2 of which contain fool's gold weighing 1 ounce per nugget and the third containing real gold weighing 1.1 ounce per nugget. You are permitted 1 weighing to determine which is the bag containing the real gold. How can it be done?

Correct Solutions
  1. Jerry Snyder-Baltimore MD
  2. Nick Baxter -Hillsborough, CA
  3. Sefy Kagarlitsky. Bat-Yam, Israel
  4. JP Gainza III. Lake Highland Prep School, Orlando, FL
  5. Theodore Merrill
  6. Morgana Abeer Williams, Molalla River Middle School, Mulino, OR
  7. Margaret Kwan. South Pasadena
  8. Jennifer Robelen. New Castle, DE
  10. Fatema Dewji- Vancouver B.C.

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