Geometry Walk

Digital Camera Activity

Activity developed by Alan Landon, Redwood High School, Visalia, CA

Grade Level:

6 and higher


Students are sent on a scavenger hunt around campus in search of images of geometric shapes which they will include in a booklet to help them understand their course vocabulary.


At about any point in a geometry course, give student groups a list of terms which they have encountered in the course. This could include the geometric shapes and terms associated with parallel lines and angles. Provide each group with a camera and a 20-30 minute deadline. Send the students out to find real examples of each term which they will document with the camera. Most of the items should be easy to find examples of while a few should be more challenging.

Another option is to create a multimedia presentation like a geometry tour of the campus which highlights the interesting geometry of your school. You might be surprised at the amount of often overlooked geometry that is all around us in our daily lives.


Commission students to document geometric terms in other locations like their home, downtown or on a university that they plan to visit. They would then prepare multimedia presentations to be viewed on the computer or slide shows shown through the VCR or TV. Any TV presentation could have sound or music added and be recorded on tape by the VCR.