Create a Story

Digital Camera Activity

Activity developed by Rita Romero, District Instructional Media Clerk, Visalia, CA

Grade Level:

3 and higher


To practice writing creatively. To provide students with experiences using digital camera and computer technology. To practice evaluating material written by other students.


Provide all students with training on how to use and take care to the digital camera. Using the camera the student will capture about six images. Provide assistance to any students that need it by utilizing parents or instructional aides or by recruiting students from higher grade levels. Using the computer and a publishing program the student will write a story and use the six photos to illustrate it. The student will write the story, import the images, save and print their story. Create a cover for each of them to make them into small books.


Establish an area on a bulletin board to display all of the stories. Provide an envelope with the book's name on it which is posted near each book. Make up a bunch of slips of paper printed with a brief evaluation form on it. This could include rating it in a couple of categories by using a one to five scale. There should also be a space for them to write a sentence or two about what they liked the most about the story. Have students choose a book to read and fill out the evaluation form. The story authors should control who gets to read the evaluations. They can keep them private or choose to share them with whomever they want.


Multiple copies of each book should be produced so they can be distributed to other classrooms for other students to enjoy. Send a set of them to the library. Help the librarian to set up a separate section of the library to house the collection.

Be sure to include the date that the book was written so that when it turns up many years later people will be able to know when it was written.

Allow students to rewrite or redo their stories after they have read and evaluated the criticism.