Using Digital Camera Technology
in the Classroom

Our Class Book

Author, School, Grade level/Subject: Pat Twiford, Sequoia High School, Social Studies; Terri Lieberman, Elbow Creek School, Fourth Grade; Diane Young, Elbow Creek School, Kindergarten (all in Visalia, California)

Lesson Grade Level: All levels

Subject: Writing with other subjects possible through creative extensions.

Objective: Create a book of information at the start of the year about your students. Students experience autobiographical writing, designing and/or responding to surveys, collecting and organizing data.

Procedure: Take a picture of each student using the digital camera. Design, or have the students design, a survey that would collect the information that you feel would be important to be included in your class book. Some survey categories could be: their height, favorite color, hobbies, happiest memory, favorite TV show, favorite food, favorite subject, and future plans. Have each student write a paragraph about themselves that includes their survey information. Combine all student work and place into a book that is always at hand for use any time student information is needed. The book should be constructed in a way that would allow the inclusion of any new students that are added to the class as the year progresses.

The information in the book could be used as a starting point for writing activities, math activities or other lesson ideas.

Repeat the process at the end of the school year to document the changes in the students as well as the changes in the class.

Assessment: When the final book is completed, make extra copies that could be given to others who would find them useful, like the main office, the school nurse, etc.

Follow-up: A separate section could be used to include instructional aides, too. If several classes at the site complete this project, they could all be combined to create a greater resource for the school. Classes could exchange books and use them to create pen pal connections.