Using Digital Camera Technology
in the Classroom

"Welcome to Our Class" Book

Author, School, Grade level/Subject: Kathleen Landon, Tulare Union High School, Mathematics (Tulare, CA)

Lesson Grade Level: K-6

Subject: Social Studies, English, Art

Objective: To create a resource to help a new student feel more comfortable in their new class. To improve writing and reading skills. To give students experiences using digital cameras and computers.

Procedure: The class will make a picture book with photos of important people and places at their school for new students. The class decide what a new student would need to know to feel comfortable in the class and at school.

The first pages of the book would include a photo of each student in the class. Each page would have pictures and titles to help new students more easily fit into their new surroundings. Ideas to consider are: pictures and names of individual students (or small groups), teachers and aides they will work with, office staff and administration they may encounter, the school nurse. Be sure to include special areas in the classroom with descriptions of what happens there and specific areas in the school with descriptions of what happens there. Include photos of your class rules being demonstrated by students.

Take a picture of the new student will and add it to the page with the individual photos so they immediately feel part of the class. This page could be printed for each new student while the other pages could already be printed and ready to be added to.

Assessment: Any book for your class should be duplicated and copies of it kept in the front office and the library.

Follow-up: Students with languages other than English will be helped if the book is translated into their language. Seek help from district resources and have the text translated into all of the necessary languages.