The CFX-9850G Color Graphing calculator shows threedistinctive colors that can be used in a variety of ways. Thisnew calculator makes implementing the NCTM standards in yourclassroom easier than ever. Casio's Icon Menu makes it easy tofind the functions you need. Six function keys select on screenSoft Keys that make the CFX-9850G easy to use because all optionsare displayed on the screen at one time. Graphs can be shown indifferent colors, and inequalities are automatically shaded forbetter understanding.

Dual Screen capability shows a two graphs, a graph and a zoom or a graph and table on the same display.

A new CONICS feature draws and analyzes standard Conic Sections(Ellipses, Circles, Hyperbolas and Parabolas). Students can tracealong the curves, or solve to find points and values of interestlike Foci, Asymptotes, Directrix, Tangent, Slope and more. Usingthe Background feature, students can compare Conics with thegraphs of functions drawn in other calculator modes.

The CFX-9850G powerful statistics packages has the ability tobuild and manipulate up to 36 lists of data. A wide variety ofstatistical calculations are easily completed on each data listwith the touch of a single button. Statistical graphs includescatter plots, histograms, box and whisker plots as well as 8types of regression.

The powerful dynamic graphing feature allows the opportunity to dynamically see a graph unfold before your eyes. Enter your own equations or use the built in equations. For example, if you use y = mx + b and want to see what happens to the line as the slope is altered from -4 to 4, you set m as your dynamic variable with a range of -4 to 4. Then set your y-intercept (b) to any desired value. Now sit back and watch to show. Great for discovery learning! You have to see this live!

The EA-100 Data Analysis System

The EA-100 Data Analysis System will be able to measure andcollect data for temperature, light, motion, sound, force, andpH. Data is collected and stored in real time by sensitive,veneer compatible probes. The data can then be transferreddirectly into the CFX-9850G color graphing calculator, whichautomatically creates applicable graphs and tables for thecollected data.

CFX 9850G Specifications
8 line by 21 character, 3 color display Standard Calculations with real and complex numbers
Advanced functions available through on-screen, soft key menus 15 digit calculation accuracy
Up to 20 functions can be stored,graphed, and analyzed simultaneously 6 graph menus store complete functionlists for up to 140 functions
Graphs inequalities using automaticshading Multiple graph types may be graphsimultaneously
16 different zoom features Graphic solver finds roots,intersections, intercepts, minima, maxima, and integrals
First and Second derivative calculationsand graphing Dual screen capabilities
Powered by 4 AAA batteries and 1 lithiumbackup Matrix calculations with up to 26matrices
List editor creates, edits, and manages36 separate data lists Solve for real and complex solutions forquadratic and cubic equations

CFX 9850G activities and lessons

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