Capture the Action

Digital Camera Activity

Activity developed by Alan Landon, Redwood High School, Visalia, CA

Grade Level:

3 and higher


To be able to document local as well as far away places, activities and things so that they can used to make your daily lesson activities more relevant. To increase student skills in using digital technology. To be able to write news style articles and reports.


Set up training for all students and teach them the basics of using the camera, including how to take care of it. Post a sign up sheet where trained students could reserve the camera for a special date. If they will be doing something with their family, like taking a trip, or visiting a museum or going to a ball game, they could take the camera along and take a set of photos to document the outing.

As a teacher, you could generate a list of interesting places for which you would like reports and photos. The activities could be as normal as taking a trip on public transit or a visit to the public library. Common cultural activities like a quinceañera or new year's celebration could be listed as proposals.


Upon their return to the class, they would retrieve the photos to the computer and save them to their own disk as well as a disk for the class archives. The student would be required to create a poster which would include some of the photos as well as a narration of the activities shown in them. The poster is placed on a bulletin board where other like posters are displayed.

A travel brochure or flyer could be with the photos included. Be sure to go to a travel agency to get lots of examples of travel brochures.

An created alternative to the printed report would be for the student to incorporate the photos into a multimedia presentation to be shown to the class at the appropriate opportunity. The presentation should be taped by a VCR so it and the multimedia file could be included in the student's portfolio.

An upper grade class could be paired with a primary class and the older students could be sent with the primary class when they are on an interesting trip. The older student would document the trip for them, return to school and create the report or presentation for them. If the primary teacher has a need for a specific set of pictures s/he could give special instructions to the photographer in order for him/her to capture the needed images. The photographer would retain a copy of the photos as well as the report/presentation.