Using Digital Camera Technology
in the Classroom

I Can Read Places

Author, School, Grade level/Subject: Diane Young, Elbow Creek School, Kindergarten (Visalia, CA)

Lesson Grade Level: K

Subject: English

Objective: To develop student self confidence and reading ability.

Procedure: Take the camera around town and take photos of the signs at fast food restaurants, stores, and street or road signs that you know students will recognize. Move the images into the computer and use them to create a book with one picture to a page and simple text which includes the words that are in the picture. The page with the photo of the McDonaldís restaurant sign with the word "McDonaldís" would have text like "I can read McDonaldís". For the first book that you make, have the text on all of the pages read "I can read (location)". That way they will only have to focus their efforts on the last word of the sentence.

The book should have several easily recognized signs as well as a few that are a little more challenging. Be aware that some signs are written in very stylized fashion and the appearance of the words in the book might be different.

Assessment: Make enough copies of the book so every student can have one which they should be encouraged to take home to read to parents. Make a copy and keep it in a binder in the classroom.

Follow-up: Encourage students and parents to generate ideas for more signs that should be included in the book. As they are known, use the camera to take their pictures and add new pages to the classí book. As students get to be better readers, vary the text from page to page to give them more reading practice.