Counting Bigbook

Digital Camera Activity

Activity developed by Kathleen Landon, Tulare Union High School, Tulare, CA

Grade Level:



To learn number concepts through the use of visual aids. To give students experiences using digital cameras.


Student groups choose a theme to represent their set of numbers, like 1-10, or whatever set of numbers you choose. They could use blocks, buttons, hands, smiles, balls, dolls, etc. The correct number of items are arranged into patterns so they can be photographed. A responsible student, older student, parent aide or other helper could take the pictures. Connect the camera to the computer and transfer the images and store them on the student's disk. The pictures can be printed in the size appropriate for the presentation format. Students could either make a booklet for themselves illustrating the numbers represented in the photos or they could make a group poster to be displayed and compared with other groups.


Have the class make displays which all show the same number. They can see all of the different ways to arrange six items or ten items or whatever.

Use the books as resources and have students draw pictures of sets of items which represent different numbers.


If students are working in groups, make sure to make enough copies so that each student can have their own copy.