Beam Me Up Scotty

Maxine Edwards and Mary Teal
The Center for Advancement of Teaching

Beam Me Up Scotty
Lesson Plan
Algebra 1 Level

Objective: To collect, interpret and relate data. Find mean, mode and frequency for assimilated data.

Engage: Have students discuss athletic events which require jumping a specific or preferred height. Discuss which athletets they think are the best jumpers.

  1. Perform experiment as follows:
    light probe
    2 Wooden blocks
    light source -small beam flashlight
    Data communication cable
    a.  Press[SHIFT][MODE]		"Set-up"
          b.  Press [DATALOG] until "1 Sec" appears	"Next"  Press [DATALOG] several
    	times until the sample time you want
    	appears (1 Sec)
    c.  Press[TRIGGER]	Chooses the 1 Sec as the time
    d.  Press[DATALOG] until "10" appears	Press [DATALOG] several times until 
    	the number of sample points you want 
    	appears (10)
    e.   Press[TRIGGER]	Chooses 10 as the number of samples
    f.    Press [DATALOG] until 1 appears	"Next" Press [DATALOG] until you see 
    	the time consideration you want.  In this
    	case, the time will be collected as data.
    g.   Press[TRIGGER]	Selects time consideration.
  2. Retrieve the data from the EA-100:
    a. Connect EA-100 to CFX-9850G using the data communication link.
    b. Turn on CFX-9850G and choose Run (1) from the menu.
    c. Press SHIFT VARS {PRGM}
    d. Press F6 (>) , then I/O {F4}
    e. Press Recu (F4) {Receive( }
    f. Press OPTN, List {F1}, List {F1} ,1, close Parenthesis { ) }
    g. Press SHIFT EXE { }
    h. Press Recu (F4) {Receive( }
    i. Press OPTN, List {F1}, List {F1} ,2, close Parenthesis { ) }
    j. Press EXE
  3. The data should now be listed in List 1 and List 2.
  4. For the next part of the procedure you will be operating in the STAT menu.
    a. After entering the STAT menu, you should find List 1 and List 2. Press GRAPH {F1}
    b. Press SEL {F4}
    c. StatGraph 1 : DrawOn
    d. EXIT
    e. Press SET {F6}
    Graph Type: xyline
    Xlist : List 1
    Ylist : List 2
    Frequency : 1
    Mark Type :
    Graph Color: CHOICE
    f. EXIT
    g. GRPH 1 {F1}

Explain:Have students plot the graph of the "jump". (Please note that the y-variable is measuring the light intensity while the jumper is in the air. For the purposes of this activity this value is not important.) Have students find the difference between the first two consecutive x values. This will be the amount of time the student was in the air. After repeating process for each pair of consecutive x values, student will find the average time in the air.

Elaborate: For all students in the class, compile the average hang times recorded. Use this information to have students find the mean, median, mode and frequency of the data. Data can be used to introduce histograms using the STAT mode of the CFX-9850G.
Evaluate: Have students write a paragraph about the proceduers explored in this activity. Students should be challenged to explain the reasons for using a histogram instead of a linear representation.

Developed by:
Maxine Edwards and Mary Teal
Butler High School Matthews, NC

additional help from:
Neal Farley
Independence High School
Charlotte, NC