SITE-C teams: Lesson 9


Investigate graphically the following limit:

lim x-> ¥ x2 / ( x2 - 9 )

Turn on the CASIO CFX-9850G by pressing AC/ON.

Use the cursor arrows to highlight the GRAPH menu and press EXE or just press 5 when at the main menu screen.

In the Y1 slot enter x2 ¸ ( x2 - 9 )and press EXE to store it in memory.

Press SHIFT and F3 (V-Window) to enter the viewing window screen, and press F1 (INIT) to select the initial viewing window parameters.

Press EXIT to return to the function list. Make sure that no other Y-slot is highlighted, i.e. selected for drawing.

Press F6 (DRAW) to see the graph.

Press SHIFT F2 (ZOOM) F4 (OUT).

Press EXIT SHIFT F1 (Trace) and use the right cursor arrow to approach the right side of the screen. As the values of x get larger the values of y are approaching 1 and eventually the viewing window shifts to accommodate a further look to the right. From this information, it is reasonable to conclude that the limit is about 1.0.

Press EXIT MENU 7 to access the TABLE menu.

Press F5 (RANG) and set the parameters as follows:

Start: 0

End: 1.E+06

pitch: 50000

Press EXIT F6 (TABL) to see the table. Highlight the Y1 column and use the down cursor arrow to see how quickly the value approaches 1 and stays at 1 through x = 1000000.


Turn off the CASIO CFX-9850G by pressing SHIFT AC/ON (OFF).