SITE-A teams: Lesson 22


An experiment was performed which measured the number of hours a certain brand of battery allowed a toy rabbit to operate. Twenty-four randomly selected batteries of that particular brand were tested. Below are the number of hours each battery lasted.

Hours 34 37 29 31 32 33 31 29 28 35 36 30 36 30 29 34 22 33 35 32 30 32 34 28

Use the CASIO fx7400G to draw a boxplot for these data and give the five-number summary (Min, Q1, Median, Q3, Max) of the hours.

Turn on the CASIO fx7400G.

Ac_on.gif (1767 bytes)

Use your cursor arrows to highlight the STAT menu and press exe.gif (1747 bytes) or just press 2.gif (1709 bytes)when at the main menu screen.

Use your cursor arrows to move to the first cell in List1 and enter the data given above. After entering a value make sure to press exe.gif (1747 bytes) to go down to the next cell.

Now we have to set the viewing window for our boxplot.

Press shiftf3.gif (1888 bytes) (V-Window).

Set up the viewing window as follows:

Xmin:    19.5    Ymin:     - 2.3

max:    39         max:    2.3

s c l:    2          s c l:    1

Press quit.gif (1764 bytes)

Press f1.gif (1719 bytes) (GRPH)

Press flag.gif (1724 bytes) (Green more key)

Press f4.gif (1732 bytes) (SET )

Scroll down and set the parameters as follows:


G-Type:        Box              Press flag.gif (1724 bytes)f2.gif (1726 bytes) if necessary.

XList:            List1             Press f1.gif (1719 bytes) if necessary.

Freq:             1                  Press f1.gif (1719 bytes) if necessary.

Press quit.gif (1764 bytes)

Press f1.gif (1719 bytes) (GRPH)

Press f1.gif (1719 bytes) (GPH1)

The boxplot will appear on the calculator screen.

Press shiftf1.gif (1869 bytes) (Trace)

Use the right cursor arrow to move the "cross hairs" to get the five number summary.

The minimum value (Min) is 22. The first quartile value ( Q1 ) is 29.5. The median value (Med) is 32. The third quartile value ( Q3 ) is 34. The maximum value (Max) is 37.

What other statistics are available?

Press shiftf1.gif (1869 bytes) (Trace)

This will terminate the trace and return you to the calculator screen having the 1VAR submenu on it.

Press f1.gif (1719 bytes) (1VAR)

Scroll down to see the following summary statistics that have been calculated on the data:


                lesson22.gif (3126 bytes)

Press quit.gif (1764 bytes)

Press menu.gif (1772 bytes)

Turn off the CASIO fx7400G. Press shiftac.gif (1924 bytes) (OFF)