SITE-A teams: Lesson 11


Use the CASIO fx7400G to draw the graph of the inequality y + 2 < x2

To use the graphing calculator to accomplish this task, you must transform the inequality from its present state to the following format:

lesson10a.gif (2467 bytes)

To this end, we transform the given inequality as follows:

lesson11a.gif (2895 bytes)

Turn on the CASIO fx7400G.

Ac_on.gif (1767 bytes)

Use your cursor arrows to highlight the GRAPH menu and press exe.gif (1747 bytes) or just press 4.gif (1703 bytes) when at the main menu screen.

Press flag.gif (1724 bytes) (the more key).

Press flag.gif (1724 bytes) (the more key).

Press f4.gif (1732 bytes) ( Y < ).


In the Y1 slot enter the expression X2 - 2 and press exe.gif (1747 bytes)

(Make sure no other Y-slot is highlighted, i.e. selected for graphing.)

Press shiftf3.gif (1888 bytes) (V-Window)

Set up the viewing window to the calculator’s default values by pressing f1.gif (1719 bytes) (INIT)

Press quit.gif (1764 bytes)

Press f4.gif (1732 bytes) (DRAW)

The graph of the inequality appears on the screen of the calculator.

Press quit.gif (1764 bytes)

Press menu.gif (1772 bytes)

Turn off the CASIO fx7400G.

shiftac.gif (1924 bytes) (OFF)