SITE-A teams: Lesson 9


The hourly wage at a fast food restaurant starts at $4.75 per hour with $0.25 increments after each subsequent year of working experience at the restaurant. Hourly employees can work only 37.5 hours per week, do not get paid vacations, and work 52 weeks per year.

Can you develop a table that shows at each stage of a nine year employment period what an employee earns each week and each year?

Let X represent the wage per hour, let Y1 be the weekly income, and let Y2 be the yearly income.

Turn on the CASIO fx7400G.

Ac_on.gif (1767 bytes)

Use your cursor arrows to highlight the TABLE menu and press exe.gif (1747 bytes) or just press 5.gif (1696 bytes) when at the main menu screen.

For the Y1 slot enter the expression 37.5 X and press exe.gif (1747 bytes)

For the Y2 slot enter the expression 52 (37.5 X) and press exe.gif (1747 bytes)

(Make sure no other Y-slot is highlighted, i.e. selected for computation.).

Press f3.gif (1726 bytes) (RANG)

Scroll down and set the parameters as follows:

Press exe.gif (1747 bytes) after entering each value.

Table Range


Strt:             4.75

End:           6.75

ptch:           0.25

Press quit.gif (1764 bytes)

Press f4.gif (1732 bytes) (TABL)

Use your cursor arrows to move about the table that has been created. To see Y2 values you must use your right cursor arrow.

Press quit.gif (1764 bytes)

Press menu.gif (1772 bytes)

Turn off the CASIO fx7400G.

shiftac.gif (1924 bytes) (OFF)