Rae's Personal Info

Hi! I am Renee' Allison Fish, and April Anne Peppet. Okay, that is not legal...anymore! The first thing I'd like people to know is... I AM ADOPTED, and EXTREMELY PROUD OF IT!!!!!! I have two families! I live with my mom in Daytona Beach with my little sister Andrea (Dad lives in Daytona too...just not with us), my biological family lives in Natick Mass., and all my relatives are in Mass. I also have a biological little bro. (Tommy) and sis (Maisie). I hold my family and friends very close.

Hmmmmmm, while were on the subject of being close I am in Tau Beta Sigma! We are a CO-ED National Honorary Band Sorority, and we are associated with Kappa Kappa Psi! We are honored to serve music, and continue to do our best everyday. I love them both! I've served in many positions, two that I had the pleasure of being the first of ...Songleader and Alumni Secretary...for the Zeta Psi chapter of TBS here at UCF. I have so many strong memories of my sisters here...and so many cool little sisters and brothers! I love being in this sisterhood! Oh, why do I have a pig on my page?? Because it's our TBS family!!

Another really cool thing is I am a Brother too! I am also a member of Alpha Phi Omega, the Psi Omega chapter at UCF! Alpha Phi Omega is a Co-Ed Service Fraternity...the largest in existance...over 700 chapters! We are here to serve the Country, Community, Campus, and Chapter with "Leadership, Friendship, and Service" Yippy! I have great Brothers too! They support everything I do...and like to make fun of me too...I'll forgive them. ;-P It is not everyday that you get to laugh at someone who loves "Bandcamp!"...Yes, Guys... "This one time at Band Camp..." :)

I went to High School at Seabreeze High School in Daytona Beach, Fl. During my years there I had a wonderful time with many different friends, in many different organizations and classes (one friend is now my sister in TBS...Jessica Day at UF!). I was in the Idealist (ART) Club, Art Honors Society, Show Stoppers (DRAMA) Club, and German Club. Becides this I also picked up the clarinet and was self taught. In 10th grade I began my journey in band. Through out these years I was in the symphonic band, wind ensemble, jazz band, marching band, and even took music theory! My last year I was a drill asst. and uniform sargeant! Boy, those were great times...the memories! The Seabreeze "Sandcrab" Marching Band was a strange band, but we were actually good then! Besides all this in school stuff, I spent a few years as a Girl Scout and Police Explorer.

When I graduated from High School I choose to go towards Community College. I entered Daytona Beach Community College on an Academic and a Music Scholarship. There was a very small Music Major group. I was a member of the Concert band, Wind Ensemble, and Jazz Band (only one year). I was also the music Librarian. Outside of school I was in a Community Band and church band. At Oasis Christ Fellowship, in Ormond Beach, I played clarinet and sax. I even had the privilege to be the beginning band instructor and a private clarinet and sax instructor for some time. I enjoyed teaching the children and adults that wanted to learn and appreciate more music.

Now about me and UCF! Okay, so, I'm still here! Well, due to family and personal health issues my schooling plans have been set back (a lot). I've graduated in May 2002 with Liberal Studies...with classes in Education, Music, Art, and Interpersonal Communication! I have recently found a new love....I thought I wanted to teach in secondary school...but, now I'm working on taking some Elem. Music classes and going to a few workshops! I have found that Music Educators are just as crazy and silly, if not more, about music and band than we are in college!! lol Although I am not an active Marching Knight, I will always be one in my heart!! I've always enjoy marching our drill. We have an awesome Midieval Pre-game, and creative half-time shows! I hope to someday SOON be writing drill! I am also in Concert Band, and the Jammin' Knights pep band! I've been in both for years...playing clarinet, and both tenor and alto sax!

So, here I am...Continuing my preparations to go into an education masters. Maybe after that I'll get that Theory Masters I'm so strangely interested in. lol I am hoping to go back to Disney and begin working with the performers that come to the parks...that would be so much fun. AND, I am looking into being one of the holiday artist. Not only all that, I have I have been incouraged to get out there and teach! :) We'll see. Right now, I am very interested in working with the Boys and Girls Club...hey, they called me, lets see if I want to work at that particular branch!!

I am the current TBS SED President. This will be such a neat experience, my chapter is so proud of me...and so are so many of my brothers and sisters throughout the district. I am very honored to get to work with such a dedicated National Board. It is also very neat that I get to work with Debbie Baker, as she was the President of Beta Xi when our chapter was installed. How cool is that?! :) I am excited about working with our new SED council...what a team we have become!...thank you all for putting your trust in me.