This is at our "I4",
me and my newest little brother Kenya!
He is a very busy guy!
You should here him sing, WOW!
He plays Sousaphone! :)

Here I am with Kenya...
Showing him all the little goodies I got him!
And, Nicole is there to meet her new sibling...
Welcome to my big family Kenya!

Here's My Great Great Grand Big Sis, Allison
with her little one :), and Daun, another Alum!

Here is one of my newest sisters, Emily.
She is incredible!
If ya didn't like the sound of bassoon before
you'll definitely love it after you here Emily play!

Here are a couple of the guys playing Hockey,
Trevor and Chris are some of the craziest KKPsi's!

Here is Leslie with her little sis Stacey...
A few of the most caring sisters I've ever met!!

Here's Lindsey and Melissa at the Hockey Game.
Lindsey is an awesome Mellophone Player,
and Melissa is fun to March with!

Melissa L., Becky K, Maria, and Ambia...
At one of the Intramural Hockey games.
They are one bunch of crazy girls!!
Absolutely Fabulous, Darling!

The Floor Hocky Gang!
Hey, KKPsi needs a cheering section!!