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Ransford C. Pyle
Associate Professor
HPA 324 - (407) 823-2687 or 2603
pyle@mail.ucf.edu I prefer email


Academic Interests:
In law, I am most concerned with the area called "law and society," which I define broadly as an inquiry into the relation between society (or "culture," the anthropological reference) and law. Recently, I have been using films to focus my class on relevant topics. I actually torture my students by making them watch black and white films and occasionally films in which the actors speak with British or Australian accents (I haven't had the courage to show a film with English subtitles).
I have also long been interested in the evolution of human behavior and have many outrageous theories on the subject, some of which are shared by noted scholars in the field, often despised for their ideas, I might add.

I have a life, too!

Although I don't seem to have what I would call "leisure," I maintain my interest in art by strugggling with computer graphics, having given up watercolors a few years ago (I'm ready to start back, though).
For those who can remember Zorba the Greek, recall the answer to the question posed to Zorba, "Are you married?"* I have six daughters, all told, four of whom are full sisters (figure that out!).
I own have a house in Gainesville and half a house in Orlando (actually Oviedo) but live in an apartment near UCF. I get to the other houses because I have daughters living in them (run into an occasional wife or ex-wife, too)
I was born in Chicago, grew up there and Boulder, Colorado, then to New England, where I went to prep school (Andover, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.'s alma mater, and, oh, yes, a guy named Bush)
Served in the US Army where I was in Military Intelligence (please don't say "that's an oxymoron"), studied Japanese, in which I am now about as good as I am in Latin (I can still say "Kirin biiru, Kudasai.").

*Zorba's answer: "Am I not a man, and is not a man stupid. I am married. Wife, Children, the whole catastrophe!"

The Only girl who never let me down
CENTER: One of my "prettier" watercolors, "tweaked" a bit in Photoshop Pyle doing hard time
(Old goatee disguise)
by Cal Warlick

Rance's Fancies
NEW (June 26, 2000) A gallery of my favorite
John Singer Sargent paintings
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